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Lithium battery forklift use every day power consumption is how many degrees?

by:Vglory      2020-08-24
The use of lithium battery forklift cost you more attention or how strong the power consumption of every day? Despite the maintenance and use, a completely new set of lithium battery forklift batteries work 8 hours a day, about how much electricity? Transport costs, is directly related to the different models and configuration of the vehicle battery forklift forklift lithium batteries, the current domestic no unified standard to this algorithm, we can only rely on basic electrical knowledge, the results of some of the gap is very wide, find out a standard for forklift truck industry, as the data, forklift battery production enterprises and forklift chargers production technology expert has carried on the detailed understanding and analysis, and read the battery analysis data of several forklift manufacturers, summary the comments, the following conclusions: from two aspects, one is to measure the Angle of the capacity of the battery, another from the charger charging output energy measure. Measuring forklift battery capacity to see: the appropriate amount of Q ( C) Nominal battery voltage v (2 V) 2 do the actual charging voltage. 3 v/monomer battery 0. 8 ( 80%) Charger charging efficiency is 0. 85 ( 85%) Some think that charging efficiency is about 75%. Charging coefficient is 1. 2 unit conversion 1000 appropriate amount of Q = actual charge voltage V * 80% / Ann hours Ah * battery discharge battery charging efficiency 85% * filling coefficient of 120% / 1000 to 48 v560ah forklift battery to calculate Q = V * 1. 15*Ah*0. 8/0. 85 * 1. 2/1000 = 48 v * 1。 15*560Ah*0. 8/0. 85 * 1. 2/1000 = 34. 9KWh( C) Now many of the forklift truck brand in calculation of lead-acid batteries, lithium electric and diesel forklifts in the use of cost from the output of the charger, consult a few charger manufacturers, they think the charging time is a questionable, because usually charging time in 10 hours, but in the output curve of this time is different, each brand charger to grab the abilities of the battery charging curve, so the efficiency is different, or suggest that measure the battery capacity calculation, the required output when the maximum current of high voltage power Q = * charger output maximum current/charging efficiency effective charging time / * 1000 to 48 v80a charger computing ( Filling 48 v560) Q = 48 v * * 80 a 115% / 85% * 7 hours / 1000 = 36. 4千瓦时
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