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Lithium battery forklift in the manufacturing process should pay attention to what?

by:Vglory      2020-09-02
Although lithium battery forklift is green energy, car can take the place of zero emissions, but forklift battery lead main material is in the process of manufacture, the harm of lead acid is very big still, involved in the process of lead acid lithium battery assembly lead poisoning, inflammable, explosive and other dangerous characteristics, so it is very important to ensure the safety of the lead acid lithium battery production. At present, lead acid lithium batteries have been listed in the list of dangerous chemicals, our country also has always attached great importance to the safety of the lead acid lithium battery production, to strengthen the safety precautions for lithium battery production assembly, formulated the 'lead, renewing the operation safety regulations' and so on standard; If can effectively control pollution sources in the production process, waste water and exhaust gas dust these pathways, forklift lithium batteries must be able to get the standardized management, large quantities of replacing fuel forklift, clean energy will be the national environmental protection first.
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