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Lithium battery forklift hot water loss phenomenon

by:Vglory      2020-08-22
Lithium battery forklift as the discharge type to open type battery group; Must rely on filling water to completely its electricity chemistry, many users do not pay attention to this, spent more than one than to buy a set of lithium batteries, lithium in forklift battery completely drained after electrolyte, continue to use, lead to the battery plate burning, because the battery charging to monomer 2. 35V( 25℃) Later, will enter the positive plate of oxygen evolution status, for sealing the lithium battery, negative plate had the ability of oxygen compound. If the charging current is larger, the negative plate oxygen compound can't keep up with the speed of the oxygen evolution reaction, the gas will top sacking valve and water loss. If the charging voltage to 2. 42V( 25℃) , forklift lithium battery negative plate hydrogen evolution and oxygen and hydrogen are not able to similar cycle that is absorbed by positive plate, can only increase the lithium battery air chamber pressure, finally will be vent gas chamber to form water. Lithium-ion batteries have negative temperature characteristic, and its analysis are consistent with the temperature characteristic. When lithium battery temperature lithium battery voltage will decline, the analysis of gas temperature gas filtration leads to lithium battery easy to analyse. Yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta region in summer temperature is higher, if there is no air conditioning or air conditioning capacity is insufficient, can increase the lithium battery water loss. Charging voltage will be equivalent to the single 2. 4 v, the voltage over the lithium battery positive plate voltage of large amounts of oxygen evolution, especially in high temperature environment, a large number of oxygen evolution voltage drops, so the analysis of oxygen will increase greatly. And the oxygen generated by the positive plate in negative plate can be absorbed, absorb oxygen is obvious exothermic reaction, the temperature of the lithium battery will ascend. If the lithium battery has appeared water loss, fiber glass partition of acid free porosity increases, will accelerate the negative plate to absorb oxygen, there will be more heat, lithium battery temperature rise is also higher. And the rise of temperature of the lithium battery will accelerate the positive plate oxygen evolution, form a vicious circle - — Thermal runaway. In the condition of thermal runaway, increase oxygen analysis, forklift lithium battery in the pressure increase, when reached the plastic glass point temperature of the lithium battery shell, lithium batteries begin ballooning variant, the variant in addition to affect the mechanical structure of the lithium battery inside, also can form lithium battery leakage, and lead to more serious water leakage of acid; Although the lithium battery thermal runaway phenomenon occurred is not much, but in the event of thermal runaway, the life of the lithium battery will quickly end ahead of schedule; We learn that the load on the electric forklift truck or rail car lead acid lithium battery, water loss phenomenon of distilled water is forbidden. Source: the lithium battery forklift truck; Please keep the source! Reproduced in the form of links, please indicate the address: newshow. asp吗? nid=721& lid=83
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