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Lithium battery forklift energy ratio

by:Vglory      2020-09-09
With the advent of the era of economy, various industries to flourish, to handling equipment demand is higher and higher, the birth of the early fuel forklift for the development of industry to save a large amount of manpower, continues to this day, with increasingly harsh environment, countries on warehousing, production standardization, lithium battery forklift should know, as a core of forklift vehicle lithium battery, replace the emissions, pollution of diesel forklift, driving the development of new energy industry, all kinds of form a complete set of accessories and materials plant rapid rise, now use of electric lift trucks in the lithium battery is essentially lead-acid battery, the battery has the characteristics of what? This is the people most concern, after all, if there is no very good battery, there was no way to guarantee the electric lift trucks in the long run, more have no way to ensure the smooth progress of work. So in terms of electric lift trucks in the lithium battery, should compare save electricity, use for a long time, this is the most critical. Lead-acid battery is actually have such advantages. On the one hand is the price of the lead-acid battery is relatively low, one-time investment is very small, can also be accepted by most people, after all, for most people who use electric forklift, using expensive electric lift trucks in the lithium battery, there is no that kind of need. The charging and discharging time is shorter, on the other hand is when to stop working, it is best to all the lithium battery power of the empty, so as to better guarantee the service life of lithium-ion batteries, the charging process is short, don't delay the progress of work, shenzhen professional supply various kinds of imported forklift lithium-ion batteries, Germany, Britain, gb standards, battery power than the big, high output power, have very long operation time and service life. More forklift battery news and information
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