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'Lithium battery forklift' effect caused by enterprises

by:Vglory      2020-08-31
Lithium battery forklift is indispensable to every enterprise products; In logistics, factory, warehouse is widely used in areas such as; All there is electric forklift, need to use the heart of the lithium battery as a power, is also a battery of the electric fork more expensive; As water is to fish, without any; Work can start. To prevent the lithium battery suddenly without electricity, the best way is usually pay more attention to their own 'SOS' from the forklift truck. Lithium battery shortage of power performance mainly have three: one is the starter does not turn or turn the faint, that he can't a starter; The second is headlights dark than usual; Three speaker volume is small and even. In order to minimize the power consumption of lithium-ion batteries, do not cross goods do not limit exceed forklift tonnage at ordinary times, it is easy to excessive discharge, smoking may occur, pay attention to check the charger, distilled water supplies. Mid charge due to the plate in the pores of sulfuric acid to increase the speed of spread speed is balanced, thus, higher voltage, slow ( Ab section) Mid charging when the pressure of 2. 4 v, electrochemical action area reducing, battery electrolytic water negative reaction ( Electrolysis of water) Start, generally to halve current, formed the BC. Due to the charging current is reduced, the IR voltage drop. Continue to recharge, water decomposition is more apparent, there are a lot of bubbles on the two electrodes to fold, at that time was making a lot of hydrogen in the cathode, makes the plate surface is surrounded by hydrogen gas, hydrogen is poor conductor, and increases the internal resistance. Positive plate surrounded by oxygen at the same time, formed the high electrode, raised the anode potential, because the battery internal resistance increase and the increase of potential. So the battery voltage and grew rapidly, has been to 2. 6 v ( CD) , such as continuous charging, for effective material plate has been basically all into lead dioxide, and lead. Is sufficient electricity, voltage stability in 2. 65 - 2. About 7 v, no voltage rise, no longer for a long time and generally determine charging termination voltage in 2 - 3 h not charging termination. Enterprise if the forklift is more; Best advice is equipped with special maintenance battery shooter; Prevention; At ordinary times the jumper cable connectors, never make a mistake of the jumper cable connection order: first to battery is lithium battery positive terminal and rescue vehicle battery positive terminal connection, again will rescue vehicle battery negative terminal indoor metal parts connected with no charge engine ( Ground wire) 。 Jumper cable connection, can rescue vehicle engine starting, and slightly improve the speed of the engine, about 5 minutes, will be to no electricity emergency rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. Charging is completed, should be in contrary to connect the jumper cable order to remove the jumper cable. Normal use of up to 3 - lithium battery forklift Five years; Only 1 - a lot of improper use 2 years; What is more less than 1 year of scrapped also many, so maintenance is the key, the battery itself is the latter.
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