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Lithium battery forklift can repair?

by:Vglory      2020-09-02
Lithium battery forklift can repair? For battery pack that do not meet the use requirement, how to repair? A set of 2 tons of electric lift trucks in the lithium battery prices are normal in twenty thousand to more than thirty thousand, if you use one year or two years is discarded, the cost is very high, to appear such circumstance, how to deal with? We know that the lithium battery forklift generally rely on 12, 24 and 48 series monomer combination, can under the condition of charged test for a balanced monomer proportion, normal full electric monomer voltage can be up to 2. 15 - 2. Between 2, if the monomer proportion to zero, monomer voltage value is low, can replace the monomer; Welding is good, and then in the float charging pressure, small current charging slowly, until all the proportion of voltage is adequate, if all is balanced, using time is short, to the whole battery desulfurization, this kind of battery is very hurt. That put the long battery, the electrolyte into severe dry naturally. If the customer need to repair, you can use this heating method. First to be repaired after filling water batteries, in order to speed up the electrolyte to permeate inside the battery and its chemical reactions, and then we put the battery after filling water into 70 ℃ hot water immersion, finally take out the battery for regular repair work; We generally forklift battery desulfurization is not recommended, because high current pass after filling the lead-acid battery pack, the last time to activate the end of life, in the late no maintenance value. The article reprinted
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