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Lithium battery cathode material is analysed current situation of the development of lithium iron phosphate

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
A blustery, the electric car industry development and vehicle power battery as an important part of them, have come to the attention of academia, the investment community and industry. At present, has been applied in all kinds of vehicles to realize main battery types of lead-acid battery, nickel metal hydride battery and lithium ion battery, because of the lead-acid battery pollution, volume small, the cost advantage is not enough to offset its disadvantages, therefore, in the aspect of dynamic vehicle so far only in small electric bicycle to the application of areas such as; Nimh batteries for hybrid cars now field application of main products, its manufacturing technology mature, purchase and use cost is low, so in the short term will still be the first choice for hybrid electric vehicle, but its high self-discharge rate, smaller than energy, memory effect and charging fever and other problems directly affect the use of the battery, the existence of these defects make the nimh batteries may be just as a transitional product; Lithium ion batteries are developed in the 90 s, high-capacity rechargeable battery, can be more than the nimh batteries to store energy, specific energy, long cycle life, small self-discharge, no memory effect, can meet the requirements, such as volume, life, power demand higher passenger cars, has become the ideal of pure electric vehicle application products in the future. Lithium ion battery cathode material sort is more, the main varieties of cobalt acid lithium manganese acid lithium, cobalt, nickel and manganese ternary material and lithium iron phosphate, etc. , including cobalt acid lithium is existing the anode material in most industrialized, the most mature technology, yield the largest varieties, mainly used in mobile phones, digital products and other small batteries, but because of the high price of raw material of cobalt and nickel metal, pollution is heavier, and the battery after the large-scale, are in danger of overheating fire or explosion. Therefore, in contrast, the anode materials for lithium manganese acid, ternary material and lithium iron phosphate lithium ion battery safety performance better, cheaper, so the industry investment mainly focused on these materials. Among them, the lithium iron phosphate with two other material that does not have the cycle of life and the potential advantages on cost, and is favored by the industry and represents the future development direction of power battery cathode material. The industrialization development of lithium iron phosphate, in general, basic synchronization with the international, the domestic part of the cost of the product is lower than similar foreign products, the gap in performance, unit capacity is not far-fetched, but also see the calm, leading enterprise in domestic has not been born real industry lack of original innovation technology, low-end copycats ethos is filled, the whole, the lithium iron phosphate material industry under industrialization of critical point. With the constant improvement of the lithium iron phosphate production technology in the future, the market outlook is still favored by the industry, in addition to electric cars and electric cars, bicycles, instead of walking tool market, lithium iron phosphate battery in wind power, solar energy storage device, miner's lamp power supply and implantable medical devices field also has a broad application prospect. By static measure can be concluded that the lithium iron phosphate batteries in the next 5 to 7 years, if the permeability calculated according to 10% ~ 20% of the products, only in the domestic electric cars, electric tools, electric bicycles and electric car instead of walking the four areas have about 15 billion yuan of the size of the market, among them the lithium iron phosphate material itself around 30% of the cost of battery, the market size of approximately 4. 5 billion yuan, annual demand is expected to reach 30000 tons.
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