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Linde E30S lithium battery forklift traction

by:Vglory      2020-09-13
Linde forklift E30S belongs to large traction vehicle, can fork 3 tons of goods, have long range, the main source of power is lithium battery, the lithium battery forklift also have more than one ton of weight, so huge configurations on the linde vehicles, to say the body as light as yan, flexible, in the process of work, as the workload increased electrolyte is often volatile, this time we need to add distilled water in time, avoid the power performance degradation, most configuration HOPPECKE, Hawker, linde forklift lithium battery GSYUASA, MACI such well-known brands, lithium-ion batteries is different with our everyday car battery forklift, said everyone manufacturing system is the main medium of lead, its structure, charge and discharge curve is far, and the value is different, with double ac motor drive, power 9 kilowatts, respectively, regardless of the full load or light load, maximum speed can reach 20 km/hour; Linde ac digital controller to make the forklift have similar linde drive characteristics of hydrostatic transmission system, stable operation, control precision, on-demand power. Linde unique double pedal system, without moving your feet control driving, speeding, reversing and braking, simplify to the extreme. Fingertip control handle integration on the adjustable seat armrest, lifting the door frame and tilt can be synchronized, control precision, and effort. Combined steering axle, can turn in situ, radius of only 1. 95 m ( E25S) Match three protection forklift. Just throw the handle can be tilting cab, with two tilting position, 30 ° Angle can be carried out battery charging, convenient battery replacement and 100 ° Angle of forklift maintenance, E30S match the traction battery forklift as E25S group, 5 pzs550 configuration, mostly by 40 550 ah monomer battery series, combined into 80 v, into the forklift battery basic price 40000 yuan of above, but more than 1500 times life cycle ability, consisting of at least 5 years. Our company is shenzhen power supply co. , LTD. , mainly wholesale linde forklift battery, has accumulated a lot of successful cases. The news comes from: newshow. asp吗? nid=649& lid=83
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