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Lead acid lithium battery recycling value and sustainable development

by:Vglory      2020-09-14
Lead acid lithium battery as heavy metal industrial products, its can be recycled, when users buy a set of traction lithium battery forklift, reach a certain age, need to be scrapped processing, can change in a new lithium-ion battery pack breaks the corresponding costs. Avoid initial investment is too large, the replacement plates, lead acid lithium battery recycling price and new battery lead is a lot of related material price fluctuations, from the current waste battery recycling, high recovery rate of lead lithium-ion batteries, the standard recovery rate is only 60%, other waste battery recovery rate less than 10%, and it can be said that the importance to strengthen the waste battery recycling, processing and recycling, promote green battery industry is to ensure that the key to the sustainable and healthy development of industry, the lithium battery industry development present situation is still grim, especially in the process of production of renewable, existing management does not reach the designated position, the phenomenon of protective measures is lax, easy to cause environmental pollution. Lead, lithium batteries, therefore, enterprises must take effective measures, strict management, minimizing pollution and resource consumption, to realize the sustainable development of the economic environment, in some remote areas in China, a lot of small workshops there are a large number of non-standard smelting operation, had a great influence on underground water quality, people's life, after all contain lead, it is difficult to discharge in the body.
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