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Lead acid lithium battery operation mode

by:Vglory      2020-08-28
Recycling; Floating use; Using partial charged condition. Cycle operation can be defined as a pattern, discharge and recharge regularly alternates, may also have rest time between charge and discharge. Because of the control valve sealing lithium battery discharge maintain quite a long time after the clearance can be harmful, so charging should be performed immediately after discharge. In the standard cycle test was conducted under the strict regular system, almost no time interval between each cycle, and the actual use of course is not completely consistent, but the lab cycle performance index, according to the provisions of standards and run cycle mainly discharge capacity to reduce to a certain value ( E. is 80% of the rated capacity or standard initial capacity is the maximum capacity of 50%) , is the cycle life end, before the cycle number is the cycle life of the battery. In general battery cycle life there are many variables, many influence factors, but the cycle life of users concern has always been a key issue. Although laboratory standard cycle life condition does not match with the practical application, but the reaction cell cycle to how much, after all is a basis of indicators. Usually factors affecting cycle life as follows. 1. The depth of discharge ( The discharge capacity of the percentage of the nominal capacity) ; 2. When discharge rate ( Big or small current discharge, usually large current discharge, short cycle life) ; 3. Temperature; 4. To this cycle before operation, battery storage conditions; 5. Close to 100% DOD discharge termination voltage; 6. Charging mode ( Constant current, constant voltage, change the rheological pressure, pulse, etc. ) ; 7. The charging rate ( Fast charging) ; 8. Early charging current; 9. Constant voltage charging of constant voltage value; 10. End of charging, the proportion of electricity; The battery connections ( Of series, parallel, series and mixed) 。
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