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Lead-acid battery repair what method is there?

by:Vglory      2020-09-23
1. Maintenance free storage battery ( Hereinafter referred to as the battery) Basic does not produce bubbles when charging, can be in a sealed condition, eliminating the acid and maintenance work. But the battery in the process of charging and discharging is impossible to completely does not produce gas, in order to release the gas, the battery is not fully closed. Pry the battery the upper plastic cover, you can see every small battery has a charging hole with rubber cap, water can evaporate through rubber cap out of battery. Even if the battery is not used, the moisture will evaporate, cause the loss of battery capacity, serious when the battery will be dry and cannot charge and discharge. For this kind of battery, as long as the battery add distilled water or pure water, and then to charge and discharge cycle a few times, most of the capacity of the battery can be restored. Example: a 12 v7. 2 ah battery, the use of time is not long, charging to 14 v after discharge, short circuit current is only 300 milliampere. Nearly dry unravel cover inspection, fluid, injection of distilled water and charge and discharge cycle twice, capacity of up to 84%, has been able to work properly. 2. When battery discharge, sulfuric acid concentration and and specific gravity of the electrolyte to drop, after completely discharge, the proportion of 1 at 15 ℃. 11. General charging weight increased, the summer after a full charge proportion to 1. 25 ~ 1. 26, 1 in the winter. 27 ~ 1. 28. Because of the battery in a sealed state, when use, can only be judged by the battery voltage is charged electricity or have it finished. 6 v and 12 v battery sufficient electricity, the voltage of 6 respectively. 8 v ~ 7 v and 13. 14 v, 6 v to completely discharge, 6 v and 12 v battery voltage of 5 respectively. 3 v and 10. 6V。 Battery if excessive discharge or semi discharge for a long time, the battery will cure, cure the method of adding distilled water and conventional charging battery cannot be used to eliminate, only charging a relatively low concentration of sulfate electrolyte, sulfide can be eliminated. If the battery sulfide not serious, capacity decline is not much, little current ( 0. 5 a or less) Recharging the battery for a long time. If the battery of sulfide is serious, plug-in to the highest voltage ( 6 v battery charger to 7 v, 12 v battery charger to 14 v) And electrolyte in the battery with a syringe, then inject distilled water to dilute electrolyte. Charging out again after 1 ~ 2 hours, electrolyte into distilled water, repeat the above operation until the drawn when no longer significantly increase the proportion of the electrolyte ( General 2 ~ 3 times) 。 Try out an electrolyte, and then according to the environmental temperature injection proportion of 1. 25 ~ 1. 28 of sulfuric acid, after electric charge again, check the electro-hydraulic proportion. If the proportion of smaller, can again take out electrolyte and injection of sulfuric acid, electrolyte density up to standard. Note of electrolyte in the battery should not be more than, stay inside the battery spongy material with the electrolyte absorption can, take out redundant electrolyte, repair work is complete. Example: a SonyBP603Ah battery, is used for 3/4 inch in the eighty s the camera power supply, battery sulfide is serious. After repair, the above mentioned methods to restore the capacity of 2. 2Ah。 3. Some battery connection bridge or external battery pinout appear rupture, Most of the time, is is the cathode lead wire fracture) , a battery cannot work. Change the battery, only found the broken parts to repair. With the method of the above into the copper plating, with multimeter find abnormal voltage or output current smaller battery, breaking point on the battery. Find later, open a hole in the breakup of the plastic cover, the size of the hole to use soldering iron to the breakup of welding for degrees, shoulds not be too big. After welding, connection is normal, the opening hole closed with plastic or epoxy resin, again using the above method is raised, the battery can back to work. 4. Battery internal short circuit fault, if any, can be used low voltage large current short-circuit point burned. If there is an active material loss ( Show the extraction in the electrolyte has brown substances) That battery life is over, this type of battery don't have to do the repair. But if just one of the two battery life end, can put the two battery short circuit, the rest of the battery can be used as low voltage of the battery to continue. 1 at two o 'clock. Impurities ( Especially the iron ions) To the harm of the battery, will cause the battery self-discharge and shorten its life. Therefore, when injected into sulfuric acid and water, pay attention to the purity. 2. Hydrometer is the necessary tools for repair battery, but commercial hydrometer measurement need more electrolyte, hard to use. The author use neutral pen lead and ball-point pen cap made a simple mini hydrometer: put the hydrometer in pure water, write down the position of the balance to the surface, this is the proportion of 1. 00 scale; Then put the hydrometer known concentration ( The battery stores or repair shops can buy to dilute sulphuric acid, can ask them to accurately measure the proportion of sulfuric acid, such as 1. 28) Sulfuric acid, write down the hydrometer in liquid level position; To measure the specific gravity of 1. 00 ~ 1. The length of the 28 on paper and put 1. 00 ~ 1. 28 equal scale between 28 and hydrometer is made.
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