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How wind power battery type?

by:Vglory      2020-09-15
In wind turbines in the operation of the unit, there is a link is very important and easily ignored, that is for the selection and maintenance of the battery. Because for most of the wind turbine production manufacturers, battery is often as options, so the performance is often less attention to its, this paper tries to discuss the selection and maintenance. The first is the selection. Battery points a lot of kinds, from material, general component is lead-acid batteries, alkaline batteries, nickel cadmium battery and lithium battery, etc. , can be divided into the start metal for use, traction type, backup type, energy storage type, etc. , in terms of performance we recommend use energy storage type lead-acid batteries. Alkaline battery charge and discharge times less, and has strict requirements to the charging current, nickel cadmium battery memory effect obviously, not suitable for long-term floating, lithium battery price is much higher. The second is the capacity to choose from. We must make the pledge that we shall work in wind turbines when charging current shall not exceed the allowed battery electric current. This how to calculate? Simply put, is under the rated power, after the rectifier current is not more than 10% of the rated capacity numerical battery. For example 5 kw wind generator, we selected 20 pieces of 12 v battery series, floating dc voltage is 280 v, the dc current is 18 a. The battery capacity of not less than 180 ah, generally choose 200 ah. Capacity to choose to consider is the generator and load working conditions. If power generation and power consumption time synchronization, we can choose a smaller capacity storage battery; If power interval time evenly, electrically larger battery to choose according to the requirement; Even if power generation time and discharge time is shorter, we also consider the discharge current shall not exceed the permitted discharge. We chose the battery, the maximum discharge current is 60 ah, can work for 14 kw load. The said maintenance. Maintenance is the most basic is the temperature control, must be given within the scope of the temperature control in the factory and the temperature change range is as small as possible. Will consider from the cost, we choose our battery buried, the constant temperature function of deep soil layer to guarantee the normal work of the battery. At the same time, due to the direct current to the metal surface corrosion, lead to outlet resistance, causing poor contact, the battery port voltage change with current scope is bigger. We first need to check whether there is cable interface is loose, rust, etc. , on its reinforcement. And then the battery cables. After these are excluded, might be the problem of the battery itself. Battery after work for a long time, the internal part of distilled water will be consumed. We first for battery charging, after being filled with, taking panel filler on battery cover add distilled water until liquid level full, and then cover; discharge. After put the electricity recharging, can normal use.
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