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How to properly maintain the 12V lithium iron phosphate battery pack?

by:Vglory      2021-05-13
How to properly maintain the 12V lithium iron phosphate battery pack? The lithium iron phosphate battery has a single voltage of 3.2V and is now generally used as a power source for electric vehicles. (1) Operating environment requirements for lithium iron phosphate battery packs Operating environment requirements for lithium iron phosphate battery packs: According to battery environmental requirements, the room temperature should not exceed 55°C, and it is recommended that the ambient temperature should be kept between 0°C and 55°C. Avoid direct sunlight to the battery, and sun-shading windows should be treated. Ensure that sufficient maintenance space is reserved between the lithium battery packs. (2) Precautions for the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries Different specifications and different models of lithium iron phosphate battery packs are prohibited from being used in the same DC power supply system, and batteries with different levels of new and old should not be mixed in the same DC power supply system. If there is a centralized monitoring system for power and environment, the total voltage, current, cell module voltage, temperature, and capacity of the battery pack should be monitored in real time through the centralized monitoring system for dynamic environment and BMS. At the same time, the battery charging and discharging curve and performance are known through the battery monitoring device, and the actual measurement is carried out on a regular basis, and the fault is found to be dealt with in time. (3) Items that are frequently checked for lithium iron phosphate batteries should be checked frequently to see if the poles and connecting strips of the lithium iron phosphate battery pack are loose. Whether there is damage, deformation or corrosion. Whether the connection is loose, whether the battery case is damaged, leaking or deformed, whether the temperature rise of the battery and the connection is abnormal. According to the technical parameters and on-site environmental conditions provided by the manufacturer, check whether the voltage of the battery pack and single module meets the requirements, and check whether the charging current of the battery pack is within the required range during intermittent floating charge. Check whether the charging current limit value of the lithium battery pack is set correctly. Check whether the low-voltage alarm and high-voltage alarm settings of the battery pack are correct. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous: What is the difference between a lithium iron phosphate battery and a ternary lithium battery?
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