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How to prevent craze of lithium battery plate lead paste?

by:Vglory      2020-08-25
The drying conditions should make full, full, even to evaporation; Opposite plate for surface treatment, the method of chemical immersion ( Rain) Sulfuric acid or carbonate and sulfate solution. Such processing will be in the green plate surface formed PbSO4 or PbCO3 20 30 um thick film, these compounds have a larger molar volume, reduce hole of the cross section, and reduce the drying rate slow, when curing phase PbSO4 or PbCO3 reaction with other compounds in lead paste to generate the corresponding 2 PbCO3 & # 8226; Pb( 哦) 2, and 3 pbo2 & # 8226; PbSO4• H20 。
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