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How to maintain your electric car battery in winter?

by:Vglory      2021-05-03
Winter is here, and many people find that their electric cars can't run anymore. In fact, this is because the temperature drop will cause the battery performance of electric vehicles to decline, which affects the capacity of the battery, so electric vehicles in winter need to pay special attention to maintenance. Here are some tips for dynamic maintenance of electric vehicles.   1. Use less brakes and drive at a constant speed. When riding an electric bike, it is best to ride at a medium speed or maintain a constant speed. If you need to slow down the road, you should slow down and slide in advance, and use the brakes as little as possible. Don't ride to the end in an emergency or good road conditions.  2. Charge in time to avoid power loss. At least 25% of the electric power of Tianlian electric vehicles should be charged in time. When riding an electric bike in cold weather, the capacity of the battery should not be less than 25%. If it is less than 25%, it will cause damage to the battery and affect the service life of the battery.   3. Charging correctly to avoid charging damage. To charge an electric car, it is best not to charge it outdoors at a low temperature, and it can be floated for 1-2 hours after turning the light. It is cold to charge an electric car. It is recommended not to charge it outdoors. When charging an electric car, after the charger turns on the light, it can be floated for another 1-2 hours. Be careful not to charge too long, too long will cause damage to the battery.  4. Pay attention to power and avoid high current charging. Always pay attention to the power of electric vehicles and do not use fast charging stations. A fast charging station is a charging device that charges the battery of an electric vehicle into a certain amount of electricity in a short period of time through high current charging. Most of the fast charging stations on the market use high voltage and high current pulse charging, and high current charging can cause damage to the battery. Always pay attention to the power of electric vehicles and charge them in time.   5. Keep the tires inflated enough to avoid running flat. Pay attention to check the tire pressure. The tire pressure in winter can be appropriately higher to reduce friction. High tire pressure can save electricity.  6. u200bu200bMaintain the battery and don't use the charger indiscriminately. Misuse of different types of chargers may cause the battery to leak, generate heat, smoke, fire or explode. When the battery is deformed or swollen, the battery charging should be stopped immediately. Regular maintenance of the battery can reduce damage to the battery.  7. If not used for a long time, charge it once a month to avoid battery vulcanization. Some people will set up the electric bike because the temperature is cold, and then ride the electric bike after the temperature rises. Before placing the electric bike, the electric bike must be fully charged, so that the electric bike is placed under the condition of electricity, and every Charge the electric vehicle once a month to avoid battery damage due to vulcanization.   Achieve the above points, even if the battery capacity decreases due to the temperature in winter, the battery will 'full blood resurrection' when the weather picks up! Previous: What should I pay attention to when charging an electric vehicle battery for the first time?
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