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How to improve the electric car battery active substances?

by:Vglory      2020-09-20
Electrochemical energy storage battery electric vehicle battery arise through active substances, length of work is closely related to active material, we need to know this material is a major determinant of electric vehicle battery plate, active material loss is mainly on the positive plate of the active material lead dioxide loss, serious when, electrolyte turbidity and brown. Battery charging, there are brown material from the bottom up, voltage rise too fast, boiling early, relative density increased slowly. Discharge, the voltage drop too fast, capacity decline. Improve the service life of the battery, the positive active material utilization ratio, specific energy, battery product homogeneity, and reduce the size of the float charging flow, in order to adapt to the needs of society and the rapid development and the requirement of the stable operation of power system, a large number of high reliability of the modern power equipment is widely used, and the effective management and maintenance in production practice, to ensure the reliable operation of dc system and the safe operation of power system has a positive and important role. Lead-acid batteries since applications have 150 years of history, some of its unique advantage to make it in the battery industry has long can't be replaced, in recent years, along with communication, electric power and electric ( Slightly) Research and development of the lead-acid battery rise a new climax, so in terms of the current situation studying lead-acid battery is of great practical significance, while lead-acid battery technology has been more mature, but the universal problems to lower the utilization of active material, especially the positive active material utilization ratio of 50 - only the theoretical value 70%, while the positive performance decides the performance of the battery, by using nanometer additive to improve the positive active material, to find a way to improve the anode performance.
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