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How to charge an electric vehicle battery alone?

by:Vglory      2021-05-11
In modern family life, almost every family is inseparable from electric vehicles. How to maintain electric vehicles has become a concern for everyone. As we all know, the maintenance of electric vehicles is mainly to maintain the battery. In daily life, the charging of electric vehicle batteries is a problem. Special attention should be paid to what is the best way to charge the battery of an electric car alone? I will introduce to you today:    1. Under normal circumstances (not often taking people, not climbing all day), usually open to the manual It is best to charge at 60%-70% of the longest continuous mileage, which can avoid the early capacity loss of the battery, and also avoid over-discharge.  2. If you often take people and climb hills, it is recommended to charge up to 50% of the maximum mileage stated in the manual.     3. If you seldom drive and do not drive to 60%-70% of the maximum mileage in a week, it is recommended to charge it once.   4. If you go out or don’t open it for a long time, it is recommended to charge it once a month.   5. In any case, the charging time of the electric vehicle battery alone should not exceed 8 hours, especially in the case of 3 and 4, let alone more than 5 hours. The above conditions are based on the premise that the battery performance has not significantly decreased. If the battery performance has decreased significantly, please modify it as appropriate.   In order to activate the battery for the first three times of charging a new car, it must be charged for 12-14 hours. Even if you see that it is full, you still have to continue charging, and then charge it for 6-8 hours each time. Another thing that needs to be noted by electric vehicle owners is that when charging the electric vehicle battery separately, the charging environment should be kept dry and clean. Do not wrap the charger in a plastic bag or plastic bottle, because the charger is easily burned when it is not breathable. Do not use fast charging, if not necessary, do not exceed twice in a month. Previous: Principle and process of lead-acid battery repair
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