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How do we use power lithium battery

by:Vglory      2020-12-07
Power lithium battery is what, how to use power lithium-ion batteries, do you know about power lithium battery? Power lithium battery is what do you know? About the basic knowledge of the power lithium batteries we tianjin power lithium battery manufacturer to tell you now! Power lithium battery is lithium battery, can be large current charge discharge lithium battery, average amount is larger. Are now used in electric cars are mostly power lithium-ion batteries, power than lead-acid batteries, with high energy density, Small volume, light weight) With long time ( Charging cycles) Such as electricity, but the price is more expensive, stability than lead acid battery. Power lithium battery now generally have iron lithium battery and lithium manganese batteries, lithium iron batteries single section nominal voltage of 3. Single 3 v lithium manganese batteries nominal voltage of 3. 6 v, when using multiple class series high voltage can be obtained. Power lithium battery to how to use one. Lithium ion battery is the use of time. Lithium ion batteries is limited in the number of charging, but at the same time, the lithium ion battery also, like all other things, also is to have the life. 2. Don't let the equipment without electricity. If lithium ion battery is too low, this is likely to be lasting damage to the lithium ion battery. So you can charge as much as possible at a convenient time plugged in. 3. Lithium ion battery will not charge it too full, there are 4 of the internal circuit protection. Lithium ion battery fear most is the problem of high temperature, more than 40 degrees temperature will decrease the capacity of lithium ion battery can be filled in. Power lithium battery knowledge and method of use I will introduce to here, more information please also of focusing on our power lithium battery manufacturers!
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