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Homemade 12 v battery charger

by:Vglory      2020-09-23
Homemade 12 v battery charger first need a 12 v battery charger circuit diagram, so it is good to have the figure to do, in accordance with the drawings can be clear, convenient to begin production. To prepare the needed materials, you first need to an output 12 v5 - communication 15 a ac transformer 1, 6 - 10 a high-power rectifier diode 1, 25 v2200uf condenser tube 1, low voltage power supply control switch 1, 1 220 v power plug, insulation tape 1. You also need to diameter is greater than the high power rectifier diode diameter 0. 3 cm30 - 1 the root (50 cm rubber hose Prevent leakage type, rectifier diode cooling with) , one plastic bottles ( Rectifier diode cooling with) The 220 v power plug and transformer input wire connection is good, respectively connected by insulating tape will head wrap. Because the ac power is not negative, so the input random pick up, but the input and output don't make a mistake, in transformer shows that the input and output, must see clearly. The rectifier diode at each end with the same length of wire is good, but the total length of more than 30 - 50 cm the length of the rubber hose, and then through the 30 - at one end 50 cm rubber hose, rectifier diodes in the intermediate position of the rubber hose. The 12 v output end of a line and the transformer rectifier diode cathode ( Or negative) End will be connected with wires and insulation tape head wrap. The 12 v output transformer another thread and the positive (of the condenser tube Or negative) At the connection, the cathode ( Or the anode) The client and rectifier diode cathode ( Or the anode) The wire connection and insulating tape head wrap will be connected. Homemade 12 v battery charger to the condenser tube of positive and negative wires (on either side Lead, that is, connect the battery at the ends of the line) , is extremely connected to the low voltage power supply control switch and the wires and negative extreme length, connected by insulating tape will head wrap. Lead-acid batteries, 铅- ACIDBATTERY) Electrolyte is used in the hydrogen ion concentration is highest when the sulfuric acid solution, the proportion of the sulfur acid is about 1. 3g/cm^3. Whether or traditional and maintenance-free battery is made of the solution. ( Maintenance-free just suck with sulfuric acid of asbestos material instead of the original clapboard, make active material is not easy to fall off, can prolong service life. ) Plate for the lead of the reticular structure, on which the coat chemical reaction of the active material. Among them: positive plate of the active material of lead dioxide powder, after a full charge looks a little brown. At the end of the negative plate of active substances for cavernous lead powder, after a full charge for grey metallic lead. After electrical secondary board are gray. Discharge: positive plate lead dioxide into lead sulfate, the hydrogen ions in acid electronics into the water. At the end of the negative plate lead powder into lead sulfate, sulfuric acid root of the electrons in the cathode electron. The electrons in the outer loop current. Charging: contrary to the above process, lead sulfate into different energy states of lead dioxide and pure lead. This is the principle of lead-acid batteries. To make only need to buy the material with respect to OK. I think you just need to know, you'd better to buy need to save trouble!
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