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Heli forklift, moving towards international new starting point

by:Vglory      2020-09-07
Heli forklift at home is a well-known products, the necessary lead acid lithium battery, the battery forklift and domestic battery industry well-known brands, since this year, although the international trade environment is not optimistic, but it is more and more frequent overseas clients to visit together. 'The first five months of this year, on average every two days to receive a group of visiting customers. 'Force Gao Junchao minister introduced import and export company, corresponding is that the first four months of this year, to support the export growth of 10%, far will be left behind. Over the past year, China's construction machinery industry many enterprises encounter 'Waterloo', some leading enterprise profit fell 70%. Internationally, the western famous forklift brand presents obvious contractive conditions. Heli forklift scenery good, grow. Zhang Dejin is introduced, the company heavily armoured vehicles off sales growth, rose by more than 30%; Electric forklift products rose by more than 20%. In the face of the new normal, feet to act on enterprise. The main economic index hit a record level last year. That year, the group company production machine 84200 units, 83655 sets of sales, export 11066, gross industrial output value of 77. 8. 9 billion yuan, profit total 8. 1. 1 billion yuan, rose 20. 18%. The size of its production and marketing has been the maintain domestic industry for 24 years. Time passed quickly. Zhang Dejin after graduating from Shanghai jiaotong university into the work force, a flash for 30 years, witnessed the growth of the resultant force. 'After graduating from college, some university students to work in the cities like Detroit, but I don't envy them. National brand grew up, this just makes people feel excited and proud. '' how to make the national brand beyond the international well-known brand, we have the pressure, also with confidence. 'Zhang Dejin introduction, forklift industry cutting-edge technology has been monopolized by western countries, especially the forklift truck of Germany, Japan, has been in the top ranks. 'After years of development, the brand is in the top eight. Our goal is, in the next five years or so rushed into the top five. Shenzhen company specializing in the distribution of heli forklift lithium battery, can according to different models, different traction battery capacity configuration, heli forklift battery is designated suppliers.
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