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Heli forklift lithium battery types and structure of battery forklift

by:Vglory      2020-09-09
Heli forklift, as China's largest battery forklift manufacturing base, enjoys a high reputation in the industry, is the most valuable product in domestic, as the national level equipment enterprise, resultant force lithium battery forklift and internal-combustion forklift truck is widely applied to various industrial, logistics, industrial and mining, transportation, port, cold storage, and other areas of the different, can say is 'fighter' in the domestic operation. Heli forklift supporting more than lithium batteries are now a newsletter rev, torch, with the wind, GS and other well-known battery brand, price is not high, the replacement is convenient, in daily work, pay attention to maintenance words can reach more than 3 years, lithium battery forklift truck is lithium battery as a power source, through the motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to drive the forklift to walk and work can convert hydraulic driving device of forklift. Lithium battery forklift is a lot of more phyletic, the general points of stacking pallet lithium battery forklift, forward type lithium battery forklift and balance weight type lithium battery forklift, etc. Balance weight type lithium battery forklift according to set the number of supporting points in the ground and can be divided into three pivot and four support two kinds. Four fulcrum of balance weight type lithium battery forklift structure, in addition to the electrical control system is different from internal-combustion forklift, other system structure is basically the same as the internal-combustion forklift or similar. Together what brand lithium battery forklift the tectonic characteristics? Regarding lithium battery balance weight type with different structure characteristic of internal combustion forklift forklift description: generally has two kinds of single motor and double motor drive system, single motor driven system generally consists of: reducer assembly, differential assembly and drive axle components, drive motor and reducer, driving gear directly connected. By level or double reduction, around will be transmitted torque to the gears. Double motor drive system is to walk directly connected to the wheel edge reducer, drive two driving wheels, respectively, the lithium battery forklift remain the most environmentally friendly new energy, as a force main engine power, its low cost, easy maintenance and so on reasons were due. Shenzhen power supply co. , LTD is a professional heli forklift battery sales company, can provide full series of heli forklift power box drawing, can rapidly response to offer various solutions, maintenance, and the scene. Please do not reprint news source
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