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Forklift single-section capacity lithium battery failure reasons

by:Vglory      2020-08-22
Lithium battery forklift depend on a number of different single section series combination use of low voltage and high capacity battery, so as to achieve a super capacity container, because the daily work of the fork truck, need work current strength is very big, so the capacity balance between monomer demanding, such as battery pack contains one or several internal resistance larger aging cells, its capacity will be smaller, the charger to recharge the battery pack, aging because of your battery capacity is small, will soon be full. The charger will think the whole battery is filled into a floating state, at a constant voltage and small current recharge the battery pack. The rest of the battery can't be full of in good condition. The battery pack will be aging of battery capacity for standard charge and discharge, the floating - many times - Discharge - - All charge - - - - - - - Discharge - - - - - - - Floating a vicious cycle, leading to good performance of the battery activation of low frequency, battery plate gradually solidified active material, reduce the battery capacity gradually, battery backup time; Many users use forklift truck arrived at a certain period, forklift battery shorter time, this time need to know how much gap voltage, capacity of the single section, the long time running will cause the battery chemical energy to electrical energy conversion activity reduced. In the process of operation, with the increase of using time is bound to have an individual or part of a battery because of internal resistance, a degenerative aging phenomenon, and the entire group of battery capacity is the worst of that piece of battery capacity value of short board, the actual capacity when the battery down to its own 90% of the rated capacity, battery entered recession, when the battery capacity drops to less than 80% of the original, the battery into a sharp decline, a recession is very short, and lithium battery pack is together, if you have a problem occurs, the entire group will be failure, then the battery pack has been in existence, a hidden danger accelerated ageing, shorten service life. At the same time, due to the defects existing in the current monitoring ways and make the battery damage cannot be found in time, the east xin change, in the city have occurred due to the lithium battery pack the whole performance caused by a sharp fall in dc anomalies disappear or switch refused to move. Therefore, such as incorrect battery periodically to find aging cells give processing, the capacity of the battery pack will be smaller, shorten battery life, affect the system safe operation of efficient, comprehensive description, to the life of the lithium battery forklift normal play, play its proper cycles, must be regular inspection, maintenance of forklift battery capacity, voltage, electrolyte density, test, or scrapped soon. Source: the lithium battery forklift truck; Please keep the source! Reproduced in the form of links, please indicate the address: newshow. asp吗? nid=712& lid=83
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