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Forklift lithium battery self-discharge and monomer voltage

by:Vglory      2020-09-01
As deep circulation lithium battery forklift, any kind of lead-acid battery has certain self-discharge, self discharge and plate gradually lithium sulfide is lead-acid battery inevitable failure 'emerging', just as the increasingly strict requirements of product materials and technology, such as variable lead antimony alloy lead calcium alloy, and gradually become the whole free maintenance. Some people used to use only the voltmeter or multimeter voltage file without load to check the adequacy of lithium battery of electric, it is very unreliable. Because even start discharge at the end of the lithium battery, as long as once to stop discharging, the positive and negative plate and electrolyte of lithium batteries immediately open circuit voltage can be achieved between - — Electromotive force, can immediately recover the potential difference between them, every single case 2. 1 v, the battery about 12. More than 6 v. Just measure the voltage, the current consumption is few, so will have big pressure drop inside the battery, so according to the voltage is not low, but with quite a load, such as headlamps ( 10 ~ 15) , horn, 6 ~ 12) , the battery will dim the lights, horn husky, which shows a lack of electricity. Forklift without using lithium-ion batteries, small make up recommend that users across the electrodes will be removed, in order to avoid the battery pack form a loop.
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