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Forklift lithium battery capacity intelligent management comments

by:Vglory      2020-09-04
Lithium battery forklift although the price is low, but the late management more troublesome, if the enterprise forklift truck is more, we need to concentrate series intelligent management, general is the forklift battery temperature, capacity, weight, voltage, current, capacity, input parameters, such as PC, USES the integrated software, optimization, the external device for PTC ceramic resistor, avoids the red-hot phenomenon, make the whole discharge process more security, with functions of wireless communication, wireless collection box to discharge the host and upper monitor way through wireless communication between and among the PC host and simplify wiring, flexible, convenient and collection box for each battery monitoring, realize the complete process of lithium battery discharge monitoring. , equipped with the PC monitoring system can real-time monitor the whole process of discharge, and the monitoring to the total voltage of battery voltage, discharge current and the monomer such as data analysis, and can generate the corresponding data report. With USB interface, can discharge process data stored in U disk, and import the PC. PC data management software can analyze the battery discharge process, and can generate the corresponding data report. Intelligent microcontroller ARM control, liquid crystal display in both English and Chinese, the menu operation is simple and clear. Can be set to test/discharge termination conditions, including monomer battery voltage, battery termination voltage, discharge current, discharge time. Through a short discharge ( 10 minutes) To estimate the capacity of lithium-ion battery pack, can record test/discharge process, mainly is the total capacity of the battery pack, the lowest total voltage, current and voltage of monomer battery voltage changes. And lithium battery forklift follow-up management manual is inevitable, especially in the process of electrolyte testing, often need to fill in the distilled water.
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