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Forklift battery sheeting production line

by:Vglory      2020-08-22
Lithium battery forklift battery pack - 40 4 pzs480 80 v480ah forklift battery plate, are the main decision life process of carrying the entire group battery energy storage power direction, in the production process, the need of technical formula is very rigorous, anode grid board gate corrosion through the above analysis, the cause of formation of known electronic in the process of discharge through sheeting, is not uniform, but there are a number of isolated electronic launch, and the launch the corresponding plate, reflector electron concentration is very high, because of the existence of coulomb force S02 - in the area Ion concentration is small, therefore, in this area, the possibility of generating PBSO does not exist, namely sheeting in these areas are not corrosion, in theory, these regions should be a circular area, but due to the cross of interface and the interference of external vibration and SO on, the edge of the deformation area, the formation of crisscrossed the grid corrosion shapes, on the other side of the plate gate due to the uneven material, in the area of high potential, ion concentration is higher, SO production according to the principle of le Saudi column can know, these regional response enhancement, the formation of corrosion pits, and across the corrosion pit location should be the center of the grid. Lithium battery forklift sheeting production process using lead with continuous casting and rolling expanded into net technology and broadband impact molding process, the whole production line fully automatic, continuous casting and rolling extranet type plate production line and 'broadband rushed net type plate continuous casting and rolling production line' alternatives to traditional 'gravity casting plate equipment'. New plate production lines per minute plate gate number is about 10 times of gravity casting, save manpower, 80% per kVAh energy-saving 40%; Lower plate gate lead loss at the same time, eliminating lead dust and lead slag. Lead oxide process pelletizing process, belongs to the cold manufacturing lead, lead-free smoke produced. The process to choose energy-saving type lead powder machine, lead powder production implementation MiBiHua, continuous production. Paste solidification process selection and automatic streamline production, high temperature and humidity technology on solidification, can make the energy consumption per unit product fell more than 30%. Aluminothermic welding assembly process using automatic assembly line, making the operating workers seldom contact lead smoke and lead dust. Internalized into technology on battery into process, eliminating the plate washing drying process, reduce the acid mist and produce of wastewater containing acid; Shenzhen power supply co. , LTD focus on electric lift trucks in the lithium batteries for many years, but with all kinds of imports, domestic electric forklift truck.
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