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Forklift battery plate making equipment - Powder filling machine with cream extruding machine

by:Vglory      2020-08-25
The market at present the application of traction type forklift battery internal plate structure is generally divided into tube plate and the plate type paste, forklift battery tubular anode manufacturing is not coated plate, active substances by powder filling machine or cream extruding machine into the tube. Powder filling machine and cream extruding machine are tubular positive plate manufacture of main equipment, domestic original mostly use powder, abroad is squeezed paste. The vibration type filling powder ( Grain) Machine, the lead powder, Or grain) Irrigation pipe, filling powder ( Grain) Before mixing powder or granules. Mixed powder is by lead powder, hole agent ( Such as charcoal powder 3%, MgSO41 %) A dry mixing in the blending machine, set aside. To reduce the dust pollution, first by lead powder granulation, such as adding CMC or other cats mixture, make lead powder into pulp, and then in the granulator granulation, particle size of LMM. At present domestic usually filling powder, the powder filling and one tube is the key to the traction battery forklift manufacturing equipment. Powder filling machine according to the principle of vibration are divided into mechanical vibration type ( The CAM rotation) , the electromagnetic vibration type ( Electromagnet 1 a) , pneumatic vibration ( Compressed air pulse) 。 Vibrating fill powder ( Grain) Machine workbench vibration frequency is about 200 times/min, amplitude of about 3 mm, about 200 - pneumatic vibration frequency 400 times/min, the air pressure at 0. 4 - 0. 66MPa。 Irrigation powder ( Grain) According to the function can be divided into single chip irrigation powder ( Grain) Machine and multichip ( Box) Irrigation powder ( Grain) Machine. Box is more than a pile of tube plate in a mould, tidy emissions within the sealed box body, body on the vibration table, at a time can be ranged between 10 and 20 pieces, high efficiency, less dust pollution, powder can be recycled. At present abroad is flowing water line skeleton ( Core) Die casting, and then make a little time, just for the sleeve ( Doubts or set of tube) , and then into cream extruding machine, will lead paste extrusion tube, plastic fabrication, Tube end) The bottom of the pipe pressure people, became a full plate. Finally washing plate surface, drying, namely a high degree of automation, production efficiency is high, the main is less pollution to the environment, no dust float in the sky.
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