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Forklift battery monomer state of short circuit judge

by:Vglory      2020-09-06
Forklift batteries, a new set of 48 v to 24 v 2 monomer in series, normal working hours can be up to 8 hours, meet the daily needs, but if all of a sudden time shortened, so to inspect monomer proportion and voltage, whether there is any quality problem, or due to replace, general technical condition good lithium-ion batteries, with high rate discharge meter examination, the single cell voltage should be stable in 1. 6 v above or in the green area; If less than 1. 6 v, still can maintain stable in 5 seconds, general for excessive discharge; If no voltage display, or voltmeter pointer soon after zero, has said that the single battery or the lithium battery has a short circuit, open circuit or other fault, application multimeter or further examination analysis, by charging forklift battery short circuit, cannot repair, cannot repair, can only change the monomer, and welding.
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