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Forklift battery discharge process 'uncontrollable factors

by:Vglory      2020-09-05
Forklift, electric forklift battery up fork goods belong to a discharge process, and on the basis of different road conditions and load, so that the output current is not consistent, will influence the consistency of the single battery capacity, in the process of discharge because of the dc load is not controllable, the discharge current is not controlled. Practice has proved, the capacity of the large current discharge release small, small current discharge to lead sulfate crystals, can lead to excessive discharge lithium battery cathode 'sulfate', make its internal resistance increases, the battery charge and discharge performance becomes poor. Forklift can shorten the life of the battery. Lithium battery in float charging condition for a long time, only charging and not discharging, will cause the lithium-ion battery anode plate to a certain extent, passivation, make lithium battery internal resistance increases, the volume has fallen dramatically, resulting in the lithium battery service life shortened.
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