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Forklift battery damage, repair or replacement?

by:Vglory      2020-12-07
Source: 2020 - 04 - 01 hits 3: forklift battery damage, repair or replacement? Forklift battery is broken can be repaired? Forklift batteries belong to something more valuable, now let us tell you how to deal with the battery forklift repair, battery, generally less than two years, this is the layman's stupid. Many people have been fooled a totally enclosed battery. Click on the image dialogue general battery can be added to the compensation correction fluid, why can't closed the battery. Based on the spirit of a dead horse, I pry the battery. Don't know, a look at just know originally called totally enclosed, and ordinary cars lead batteries inside, can add battery liquid compensation correction. Compensation liquid battery, 2 yuan a bottle, mobicheng sell, 450 ml. A bottle is usually enough to give a battery car and a set of four batteries. Thing/material forklift battery compensation clamp word screwdriver cross screwdriver punching process with cloth/method 1, to pry open the battery cover, because the glue inside general pry open cover plate is broken, no damage. 2, with six holes, covered with rubber cap, together with the surrounding white cotton adsorption to remove. 3, give or take an injection with a syringe, each hole plus 25 ml of compensation liquid ( According to the condition of individual battery fluid deficiency, be careful not to over the inside of the plate or the liquid filled out, due to loading liquid hold sway, it is adding more on extraction) 。 Pay attention to the hole, otherwise you won't be able to plug contents. Around 4, wipe the leakage, restore cap and adsorption of cotton. Tape wrapped battery. Now your battery can be use for two years.
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