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Forklift battery charging voltage changes

by:Vglory      2020-09-15
The working voltage of forklift battery after work every day may not be lower than 1. 7 v /, if is 48 v battery forklift group, after put the electricity around 45 v to stop working, and we saw a lot of time to drive to the forklift cannot walk when to stop, so the whole battery is basically in a state of excessive discharge, the voltage is very low. When the lithium battery discharge, when the voltage drop to 1. 8 to 1. 7 v, is close to the lead dioxide on the positive and negative plates and lead all into lead sulfate, must not in outward discharge, otherwise the voltage will be more severe, because at the time of discharge of porous lead sulfate produced by chemical reaction of lead sulfate will gradually into the white patches, it can block the electrolyte flow. Make it more difficult to after charging, not easy to total lead sulfate reduction of lead dioxide and lead. Voltage drop to 1. After 7 v will slowly return to 2. 0 v, but also can't continue to discharge at this moment, otherwise will drastically reduce the damage to the battery voltage. Eventually led to the lead-acid battery plate, we suggest that the forklift battery at the time of discharge to set up the under-voltage protection, avoid plate is in a state of 'passive', unprotected battery group was less than 2 years, generally started charging voltage rapidly up to 2. 2 volts, then along with the growth of the charging time, voltage gradually to 2. 3 v, after a few hours to 2. About 6 volt, were now full of, such as continue to charge, positive and negative plate itself produces little chemical reaction ( Because almost all lead sulfate conversion) 。 Charging current will start the water electrolysis in sulfuric acid solution as the oxygen and hydrogen, respectively near the positive and negative plate, can see a lot of bubbles. When at the end of the charging electrolyte proportion will gradually reduced to 2. Around 1 v, plates of electrolyte proportion is higher, the electrolyte important lower than outside, slowly blend to finally stable in 2. Around 1 v, shenzhen company engaged in forklift battery research and development for many years, is a leader in the industry. Shenzhen power supply co. , LTD. : newshow. asp吗? nid=673& lid=83
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