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Forklift battery charging system

by:Vglory      2020-09-11
Forklift battery main traction on the logistics equipment, in the form of power driven battery forklift, this kind of battery charging demand is higher, the different fluctuations of current design has a very strict procedures, avoid human unattended, basic intelligent identification of current, voltage charger now, this kind of forklift battery charger system by single chip microcomputer as the controller, which can realize to monitor the change of voltage, temperature, density, current, charging process installation design of charging curve, to compensate the power supply is very suitable for forklift battery, especially under the condition of the battery, can increase 8% Equalizing charge 10% of the current, which can extend battery life, cycle, electrolyte balance forklift battery reaction of active material, especially after the battery is more suitable for 2 years. News from shenzhen:
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