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Diesel electric vehicle battery maintenance strategy

by:Vglory      2020-09-18
Diesel electric vehicles and electric motor car storage battery is different, this kind of auxiliary generator start with diesel electric vehicle battery only, just like a regular car batteries, belong to free maintenance product, but not free maintenance battery don't have to ignore, everyday also necessary to do some work, guarantee the working time, the battery can be quickly launch electric vehicles, under the following simple said diesel electric vehicle battery maintenance strategy: 1, often keep the battery outside clean and dry, good contact with the cable joint is negative pile. 2, installation of the cathode by iron car should first connect the positive column, column and then connect the cathode, remove the opposite with the above method. 3, into the winter to measuring the electrolyte density, to determine the charging status. If is not convenient to measure the density, can measure the load voltage to determine the charging status. 4, the positive and battery charging charger connected to the anode. 5, most of the free maintenance battery cover with power indicator, can be expressed with green, black, yellow color battery charge level. Black light said to save electricity, battery should be removed from the car to supplement charge; Yellow light said electrolyte fluid level is too low, should check whether the battery shell is a crack or damage, whether the electrolyte leakage. 6, vehicles every year or 30000 km, should check the liquid level height, such as liquid level height is reduced, add distilled water should be stipulated in the factory. 8, battery very occasionally also exists certain oxide on both ends of the column, need some vaseline or clean with 70 degrees of boiling water. More news source:
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