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BYD's secret front: iron battery will put into production

by:Vglory      2020-06-23
The new plant was forced to arrest suspected illegal land use, delayed return of A shares, Hong Kong stock price is almost cut, fund holdings, Morgan Stanley lowered sales expectations and investment grade ... ... BYD (52.65,0.85,1.64%, the economy through real-time quotes) ( 01211.HK) recent troubles. At the same time, BYD in its field of solar power and electric cars are still always high profile. Perhaps, in the individual this view, all the technical problems bothering the general will as he habitually overcome. Compared with the above, BYD has been claiming that 'nuclear weapons' iron battery will put into production perhaps it was really fun to do. This is outside of the much-anticipated years of BYD's 'core technology', and BYD committed to solar and other new energy into the layout, the secret is the concentration of forces BYD front. However, the mystery is indeed mysterious, but also in the outside world into question. Has always been known for its low cost advantage, technical research capabilities, is really the same as in the field of rechargeable batteries to help continue its withering in the field of new energy to take the lead, will not like it's known as 'the world's first production dual-mode electric vehicles 'F3DM general, but no one saw the thunder down? After all, this over the years to attract everyone's attention F3DM, has been listed since March this year, sold only 20 units, which with its full-year 1000 sales target far. This is more than a year ago for its claim to a large-scale production of iron battery production plans cast a shadow. After all, BYD's secret front, whether it is iron battery, or solar cells, solar energy storage power plants, all based on large-scale electric vehicle based on sales. BYD aware of this, perhaps after facing years of high-profile, it will eventually reach the outside world a glimpse of its secret nature to look at. Expansion of new energy 'BYD is indeed the construction of a 100 MW solar cell production line, but has yet to reach capacity production line, also the commissioning phase.' In mid-July, the PV industry, told the newspaper. The source said, back in 2008, BYD claims to enter the photovoltaic field, and to institutional investors, said its part of the polysilicon used 'physical laws' technology (a way to take high-temperature melting of silicon purification technology) - - 'can reduce the cost per kilogram to $ 8.' Should the implementation of such costs would be subversive. In fact, until 2010, the most advanced silicon technology costs of $ 25-30 per kg. 'BYD description of the 'low cost' solar energy prospects to our operation of the solar business is a listed company's investor relations bring trouble.' The source said. Until the end of the first half of 2010, BYD service delivery in the photovoltaic cell responses to 320 kilowatts of products. Guinea pigs is almost the size of a domestic plant size is also 20 MW. Newspaper learned that the first battery company BYD signed the American Solar Energy Co., Ltd. (SolarPowerInc. Abbreviated SPI). SPI's main business of residential photovoltaic roof. Shenzhen is a private, said they were not optimistic about the BYD uses 'physical laws' manufacturing polysilicon. 'Not only is their team, the technical action is not obvious, but in the United States, Japan, there have been several solar companies to do the physical law, later failed.' Siemens is now relatively common (at high temperatures, take a chemical method of silicon purification technology), physical method, while a short process, low investment, low production costs, but the disadvantage is that the conversion rate instability, recession and rapid product and technology relatively immature. For solar cell production status BYD, BYD, said: 'Many aspects of solar energy plan, the company now are not made public, and not convenient to answer.' BYD public relations, a person claimed that 'solar production line is started, not very sure.' This does not prevent the vision described BYD. In the solar business, BYD has a very large project - a message from the Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Shaanxi BYD plans to build 5,000 megawatts of solar cell production line. It gave himself six years, to be completed by 2015. In contrast, the domestic leading enterprises Suntech took eight years to reach the current size of 1,000 MW. This means that Suntech order to 'catch up' BYD, have an annual production capacity by 50 percent, to 5,000 MW in 2015. Meanwhile, the annual PV market is also very expansion of the same magnitude. As the world's largest market - the demand in Germany last year to 2,500 megawatts of photovoltaic cells. Meanwhile, BYD's target, Suntech more than the 'majestic' - to build the solar cell industry chain. In addition to production, technology and market risks, the news from the Shaanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission, BYD is expected to invest in the project, $ 22.5 billion is a circular economy industrial development in southern Shaanxi ten projects. Funds come from, BYD did not give an explanation. However, although no results of solar cells, but involved in the new energy industry, the success of the company in the capital market rally. In 2008, BYD began to spread on the market in the 'low-cost polysilicon manufacturing' news. In 2009, BYD announced a solar cell project started in Shangluo City, the scale of 100 MW. In early 2010, came BYD want to build 5,000 MW scale. The end of June this year, the news from BYD said, 'a 100-megawatt production line will be formally put into operation, two 400 MW has started construction.' ''Will be formally put into operation' instructions not to do, that is, the same business and new energy vehicles, BYD is using the campaign ahead.' Researchers said a brokerage. Time difference BYD is studied under in more new business, but called 'nuclear weapons' - is still only iron battery technology. After all, in the company's territory, the main industry is still the car, and thus extended to other business. BYD Fe battery is referred to as 'nuclear.' Lead outside the curious, this is a core technology itself exactly how powerful, can mass production? The reporter field survey found that, until today, the iron battery production base in two projects are still construction sites. This year, BYD shares soared up to 85 million. In August last year, BYD announced electric vehicle battery production base in Huizhou, Guangdong capital construction, 'can be large-scale production of iron battery.' At that time the company introduced two projects are in construction in September 2008, and covers an area of 810,000 square meters. Phase II project that is BYD Fe battery production base. One year, BYD electric vehicle battery production base status? July 14, 2010, newspaper reporter based in Huizhou iron battery live to see - two project sites, the large tracts of land still loess overturned, dusty park, the site is basically a heterogeneous picture. And across the street from the park of a lively scene than here also do not see the hurry of the workers wearing BYD tooling. In the two corner site, the reporter saw 'BYD Battery Co., Ltd. Huizhou base two 1, 2 quarters,' the project license. Start date of November 11, 2009, completion date is July 30, 2010. Corner of the park, part of the blue roof of the plant has been built. According to the workers introduced into the plant has equipment. Reporters tried to enter the film factory, but blocked by security. BYD Company Contact newspaper, responsible person, 'the company has provided base-iron battery project is not currently open.' A CCTV reporter said that CCTV has repeatedly requested access to iron battery production site visits, but the same was rejected. Has been 'secretive show people' BYD Fe battery production line, to start what will, quite a lot of speculation led to the outside world. In April 2009, Huizhou BYD Battery Company, for electrical appliances, automatic washing lines and other equipment for a number of tender. In July, the Daya Bay District Government BYD two industrial parks located in the 'BYD Auto paint production project environmental impact report' for the trial. BYD various initiatives seems to indicate that iron battery production line, do the step by step. But so far, BYD Fe battery two sites, most of the wasteland. There is speculation that 'nuclear weapons' iron battery 'carrier' - electric cars have not yet reached the scale of production, or constraints BYD Fe battery scale production of the main reasons. December 15, 2008, BYD announced that its 'world's first production dual-mode electric vehicle' F3DM listed. A year later, in March this year, an upgraded version of the car - 'low-carbon version of' formally for personal sales. Phase of product a year ago, 'low-carbon version of' a piece of the roof to install solar panels. BYD said in addition to professional charging station and charge outside the home, F3DM low carbon version has added a third charge solar charge this way. However, the number of sales months since, as by mid-July, the car sold a total of 20 units. One month of June, the only listed in the Shenzhen region of 12 units were sold. This means that the electric car to be optimistic about the outside world until the mid-2010, BYD is still not sufficient to promote publicity in 2009 to achieve iron battery that mass production. BYD apparently aware of this, this, in addition to sales in Shenzhen enjoy subsidies, as well as in Shanghai and Hangzhou to promote F3DM and E6, the company is located in Changsha-based electric buses, but also within the year production. Path BYD along the way, voices of doubt and applause go hand in hand. Questioned for its main focus on: what to significantly reduce costs, iron battery and electric vehicle technology available why the delay? 'Advance publicity' is the key to external challenge BYD arrogant. In the individual into the car business before the company is doing OEM rechargeable battery and cell phone parts. In 2003, BYD acquired Qinchuan car, Wang is declared: 'Do electric vehicles BYD entered the automotive industry in mind. BYD electric cars to do, is to make China's Three Gorges dam, the water turned into oil , so that all Chinese cities, the sky is as blue as in Tibet. ' In 2007, BYD entered the automotive industry is the fifth year, Wang has released rhetoric, issued a 'Declaration of 2015 and 2025', respectively, for the 'China first' and 'the world's first' specific time. This year, BYD annual sales of only 85,000, car prices in the country also not on the number row. In 2008, F3DM models listed, BYD became the national leader in electric vehicle technology. Although, the car was 'shelved' until today yet to achieve mass production, but BYD 'upstart electric car technology' image is already set. Concrete expression of new energy vehicles and 'electric vehicle technology upstart' status does not match. Until the end of 2009, 45 million units in the BYD car sales in total, the proportion of fuel cars accounted for almost all. However, Wang's pursuit of electric vehicles, has successfully attracted the 'Warren' Buffett's attention. Munger, Buffett's partner and even praised Wang, 'This guy is simply a combination of Thomas Edison and Jack Welch.' 'Warren' shares, the BYD shares rising steadily to $ 80 or more. The delays for F3DM for personal sales, BYD Auto Wang Jun, a spokesman said: They do not want in the market environment and facilities is not ripe harm the consumer market, BYD is willing to support national policy and other vehicles with lower prices make this market bigger. BYD said that the current market environment and the facilities are not yet ripe, such as charging station, charging pile set and other facilities is not perfect, also involved in power system communication, and the Government's strong co-ordination. Interestingly, in the 'environment, immature,' the constraints of, the BYD launched a more ambitious new plan - 'to enter the field of solar cells.' BYD hopes in electric car, and then attach the solar cells. Vertical integration BYD to build solar cell production line, to make up for electric cars 'car environment', the company has a new plan. May this year, BYD in the United States Los Angeles financial district, set up a 'car batteries and solar business' headquarters. Chairman Wang said at the scene, 'I want every family to spend solar panels,' and claimed that the company's next goal is to 'expand the U.S. market', and then, and then shift the focus to hybrid and electric-powered vehicle. July 13, BYD new energy into the house. Teamed U.S. KBHome, green residential building in the United States. Allegedly, this set of residential solar energy technology, battery technology and LED lighting in a number of new energy technologies. This may be BYD 'expanding American market', and also indicates the future direction of BYD solar battery. However, BYD This time together to create a new energy with only 5 residential units, and the use of new energy technologies, there is no commercial. In China, only used in BYD own 'future village'. 'Future village' is BYD in Shenzhen, Ping Shan base two villas, the company's technology in this laboratory. At the same time, BYD's under the IT field - rechargeable batteries, will be this year, further increasing battery product applications portfolio for the development of electric vehicles and energy storage power plants and other new business areas to prepare. Portrayed to the outside company BYD new energy business is in addition to IT and vehicles, to enter the third area. New energy businesses including solar power stations, storage power stations, new energy vehicles, solar cells. BYD said the company will use the 'vertical integration' of low-cost model, transplanted to the new energy sector. July 22, BYD insiders told this newspaper that 'companies do business in preparation for home appliances,' However, the source said, 'executives explained many times in the meeting, disclosed this business is currently not allowed.' Can be expected that BYD appliance business should also become a part of the industrial chain. In addition, the Shenzhen Municipal Government in seeking industrial inland after the transfer of Foxconn, BYD more support in the field of electric vehicles, BYD give great support. Its two electric vehicles F3DM and E6, respectively, for maximum 89,000 yuan and 129,000 yuan in subsidies. According to this understanding, in order to support the BYD new energy vehicles, the local taxi company in the government specifically selected 40 5-star driver, driving 40 BYD new energy vehicles. Elements of these drivers can not pay the money, the monthly wages of 6,000 yuan. Excellent environment due to BYD new energy car battery - every day, taxi drivers can only run 400 km. BYD new energy into the short battery charge, the charge and long charge. Among them, half-hour fast charge is 60% full, and long you need to charge full six hours. The actual experience of the Shenzhen taxi drivers, or BYD electric cars to bring new energy reputation. In new business, apart from capacity expansion in mid-July, the Ministry instructed the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Homeland conjunction with the prosecution, and severely punish illegal land BYD shares Xi'an Plant incident cast a shadow over the business this year as BYD. It is understood that in order to 'shock 800 000' sales target, Xi'an BYD launched last year expansion project. Currently, the project was forced to run aground. BYD existing capacity of 500,000 vehicles, of which the capacity of the facility with 300,000, but this year sales target of 80 million. According to data released by China Association of Automobile, BYD first half of 2010 sales of 28.5 million. After the incident, the industry worried that the company had sales of cold car will again increase. For some time, BYD was Fidelity holdings, Morgan Stanley lowered sales expectations and investment rating, A-share listing of major UBS Securities Asia surgeon who also announced the departure of President Cai Hongping. July 14, BYD announced that plans to issue A shares of one-year extension, until September 7, 2011. BYD has a whole lot of good new energy vision, however, these profits to support automotive business alone is not enough. As a 'technology upstart' of BYD, how to promote new energy carrier, the outside world to be seen. Central locking new real estate enterprises sacrifice energy? Central level has always been the backbone of the Chinese economy and the backbone of every major action they will guide the next people's livelihood. March 18, the SASAC disclosure requirements in addition to 16 real estate industry of central enterprises, 78 non-real estate industry based central level, the completion of its own land development projects have been implemented and work to to exit the real estate business. Today, the central enterprises to make real estate delisting has passed more than in March, the central enterprises to withdraw from the capital to invest in real estate where, become a community focus. July 20, the National Energy Board Planning Division, said Jiang Bing, have become a draft of the new energy industry development plan submitted to the State Department is preparing, which includes the nuclear, wind, solar, biomass, geothermal energy, unconventional natural gas and other new energy and renewable energy development and utilization of new energy industry planning in 2011 and 2020 the cumulative increase of 10 years, about 5 trillion yuan of investment. In fact, the SAC have already arranged, Deputy Director Huang Danhua had repeatedly pointed out: 'central enterprises to explore a variety of ways and means of the use of external innovation resources and create a good culture of innovation. The central enterprises to accelerate the clean-up and inefficient non-core business assets speed, and strive to achieve structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of the breakthrough. ' In fact, some central enterprises have also been some move to its investment strategy in emerging energy industry has been fully mobilize the enthusiasm. Earlier this year, China Shipbuilding Industry Group and China Huadian Corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, both sides will wind power, new energy development, transmission and distribution equipment and other areas intensify cooperation; then, China and the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, and Huaneng Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement in the hydropower power (heat), deepen cooperation in new energy sources; National Grid closely follow the development trend of new energy cars, China's Sinopec is likely to become a pioneer in the promotion of new energy vehicles; SDIC Electric Power, Five central power generation enterprises, CNPC, CNOOC, COFCO Group and other central enterprises in the new field of energy has been conquering a city, and even military equipment, aerospace, aviation and other large state-owned enterprises have entered a new energy field. 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