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Batteries is hard to find the micro electric vehicles to achieve complementary 'length' 18650 cell

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
In 2015, the rapid development of new energy vehicles to urge the factory keep up with the pace of battery extender factory cycle will not happen overnight, however, this situation led to oems' pot ', 'a fall again fall to battery requirement, even appear the situation of the batteries is hard to find, lithium battery think the situation is more than 18650 manufacturers involved in the electric car industry, as well as oems choose one of the reasons for 18650 battery, after all, there is a number of thering is no lack of 3 c and electric tools with 18650 manufacturers. For 18650 cells in the field of electric vehicle applications, under the existing technical level, the lithium battery that mini electric cars is a good choice, the current inconvenience used in passenger areas, based on the following concerns: 1, 18650 in miniature car application can achieve 'length of complementary mini electric cars is characteristic of small, flexible, but the range is higher than traditional electric vehicles at low speed, and the requirements of the two mutual restrict adaptability to battery put forward higher requirements. And 18650 battery features a high energy density, can be implemented in a small space to load as much as possible. The combination of the two 'small' can realize the maximization of the efficiency of the whole car, this is one of them. Secondly, the micro electric power demand is in commonly 10 - Between 20 KWH, the demand for bicycle is in commonly 1000-18650 Between 2000, for the battery system assembly, the test of the connection is not very big, at present there have been several domestic 18650 battery system integrators has distinguishing feature very much, can meet the needs of customers; At the same time, due to the passenger cars series number is less, so it is relatively easy to management, management system of the technology is relatively mature. This is 18650 can application in miniature car good important guarantee. The 2, 18650 quality control system and the reliability of the system technology that should not be in the field of passenger cars on the batch application according to the international best battery plant control ability, battery failure probability is about PPB level, if the airbus 100 kWh of loading capacity, namely 100000 cars ( Single cell calculated on 10 Wh) Inside there is a security problem; If press the control level of PPM level, then in 100 a failure probability, this is a very high failure probability, this is only considering the battery manufacturing process control. Second, by the tens of thousands of hits 18650 batteries assembled into battery system, not only to the battery assembly technique, at the same time, the battery management technology is also a huge challenge, technical requirements for content is very high. There is no denying that good technology can make the battery assembly and management control, reduce the problem that the battery failure probability; Conversely will accelerate the degradation of the battery, the rate of acceleration battery failure. But it is not very mature it level of 18650 group and management technology, and if this does not guarantee, the another weakness of 18650 ( Life problem) Will also be amplified, it is difficult to ensure passenger car mileage and life requirements. Glad to domestic 18650 in 2015, presents the following characteristics: first, the field of 3 c manufacturers transformation in electric vehicle market gradually; Second, the existing component manufacturers expand capacity, to achieve the production capacity of 500000 tons or more; Third, actively introduce assembly automatic line or a complete set of automatic production line; Fourth, has formed several professional 18650 battery system integrators. Concerns that are disorderly competition in power in 18650, many manufacturers have not yet to all their battery according to the requirement of the vehicle has already been applied to the performance evaluation; At the same time, the micro electric depot requirement for battery has yet to put forward a set of quantitative technical indicators. The law of the jungle competition and the requirements of the vehicle is increasingly perfect decided the country there will always be good, can match the international level of power with 18650 producers, this also is 18650 in the electric vehicle to provide reliable lasting security. So, lithium battery think high quality 18650 batteries in the micro electric vehicle application is a good choice, can realize the complementary advantages. 2015 tiny electric car sales account for more than 60% of the pure electric vehicles, this is a very large market, the demand for 18650 will remain strong in the future. This article from: ofweek lithium electricity grid
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