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2016 Electric Vehicle Battery Ranking

by:Vglory      2021-05-11
In recent years, the electric vehicle battery industry has become standardized, and many small companies have closed down or were acquired. There are only dozens of brands that can be named on the market now. After many times of voting, we finally selected the top ten brands.  1, Chaowei   Chaowei Group was founded in 1998, mainly dedicated to the research and development and production of power and energy storage batteries. In 17 years, Chaowei has seized the important opportunities of reform and opening up and power battery development, and has won the market with its mission and vision of 'advocating green energy and perfecting human life' and 'aspiring to become a great company in the global new energy industry'. Recognition and consumer trust. 2. Tianneng Tianneng Group is a leading enterprise in China's new energy battery industry. Founded in 1986, it is a company that focuses on environmental protection power batteries for electric vehicles, integrating lithium-ion batteries, wind energy and solar energy storage batteries, and recycling and recycling of renewable lead resources. An industrial group integrating Ru0026D, production and sales of new energy sources.    3,    is a high-tech enterprise specializing in battery research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. The product production management system adopts the internationally popular MRPII (Manufacturing Resource Planning System), 5S management system and TQM total quality management system. From raw material procurement, sample testing, production process management to finished product output, every link is strictly carried out in accordance with industry standards Production, high standards and strict requirements ensure that each battery can be of reliable quality, stable performance, and reach the highest level in the industry.   4th to 10th are Jingqiu, Nandu, Liban, Kangyang, Jinlong, Jufeng, and Dongjin.   The above rankings are only the result of votes by netizens, and do not represent the strength of the companies and the quality of the batteries. Previous: How to maintain electric car tires?
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