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Zoom, focus will be made into a small object the

by:Vglory      2020-06-24
4. Other functions, such as eliminating red-eye other flash, white balance, exposure compensation function, for all environments will have greater flexibility in shooting. Auto White Balance correction photosensitive part of the digital camera is equivalent to traditional film camera, digital camera photo sensor is fixed, so the ability to respond requires the use of white balance correction arising from changes in light. It is primarily sensitive to different environments the degree of design, different light sources will produce different degrees of color bias may color bluish,Digital Photo Frame yellow, and white balance correction can be modified over. exposure compensation due to the camera's auto exposure function in the gray light reflected from the amount of light into the standard for comparison, so the screen shot, if too much white (reflected light and more), the amount of light into the meter will be higher than the standard value, so Cameras will be misled into believing light strong and narrow aperture, causing the phenomenon of photo-exposed white part becomes less white. The exposure compensation is a response to this situation, the exposure plus 1 or 2 cells up to a bright and accurate images. Conversely, most of the black situation, take the exposure down 1 or 2 format. digital camera batteries and power consumption. Digital camera with LCD screen and built-in for flash, so battery consumption than traditional cameras large. 7' Digital Photo Frame Use 5 batteries are cheap, anywhere you can buy, but not according to how long the battery no dead. Therefore, the best choice models with rechargeable lithium batteries, the current mainstream digital products have switched designed for lithium batteries, while providing a full range of charging devices as accessories. The camera image sensor is a decisive factor in performance, general, image sensor pixel value should be greater than the actual maximum pixel value of image making. Some manufacturers to make up for lack of image sensor pixels, using software interpolation to increase the pixel value, in fact, almost all of this interpolation method in image processing software can achieve, so little practical significance. Be sure to buy the hardware to image sensor pixel value instead of the maximum pixel value is based on the output image. 3, digital camera zoom.8' Digital Photo Frame Optical zoom is the real deal of the zoom will not affect the image quality of photos; and digital zoom, electronic zoom, is a loss of picture clarity at the expense of local amplification. Because many consumers do not understand the digital camera, one-sided view, like pixels high. In fact, not at all. Buy digital camera, to take into account the number of its characteristics and optical properties.
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