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Two element and dry lotus and maintenance-free battery maintenance

by:Vglory      2020-09-18
Lead-acid battery is mainly divided into two points, dry lotus and maintenance-free battery, in the later use process, to avoid many problems, car battery to use more than 2 years later, the capacity and the discharge capacity will drop. General automotive battery life no more than 4 years. Of course, maintain a good battery life will be longer. Know about the water type lead-acid batteries together and avoid WeiHuXing lead-acid battery maintenance method. Avoid WeiHuXing lead-acid battery attention: regular inspection magic eye and maintain sufficient power. Due to avoid WeiHuXing batteries and battery fluid level without opening is scale. We need the 'magic eye' on the battery to judge the state of the battery. Magic eye for the green said the battery is normal, charging; Magic eye is black said need to recharge; Magic eye is white said the battery needs to be replaced. In addition, we usually use the voltmeter to check the battery voltage, although can detect the battery voltage value but it can't check out the stand or fall of batteries on load capacity. To check out the actual status of the battery, we should use a special battery detector to check the battery discharge capacity and the ability to load. Add water type lead-acid battery attention: the battery fluid level and the cell liquid density of lead-acid batteries battery liquid are a mixture of sulfuric acid and distilled water. Battery discharge, the water will become more and sulfuric acid will become less, this leads to the battery fluid density decreased; When charging,, on the other hand, will get more water will be less and sulfuric acid. Reflects the batteries battery liquid concentration ratio of liquid water and sulphuric acid. Normal electrolyte density is 1. 28 ( In the summer) / 1. 29 - 1. 30 ( Winter) ( The unit is gram per cubic centimeter) 。 As owners, we should check the battery fluid level on a regular basis. When the battery liquid distilled water shall be added to the appropriate level. After add distilled water to the battery, we should check the battery fluid density, keep battery liquid density within a reasonable range. Shenzhen professional car, electric car batteries, is south China area most specialized lead-acid battery supplier, also is the largest wholesalers in guangdong.
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