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Traction forklift lithium battery parameters and repair steps

by:Vglory      2020-09-07
Traction forklift main driving force comes from the lead acid lithium batteries, lithium batteries with adopted in most of the current domestic forklift production and to make the superior traction to the fork forklift work, for the purpose of different forklift, configuration of battery capacity is different, selected according to the motor, forklift its weight, space, can be simply under traction forklift lithium battery parameters and maintenance steps: a, forklift traction lead acid lithium battery parameters, the capacity of the battery unit: 1 / (Ann 一个/小时) Such as: capacity of 580 A/h of lithium battery. 2, the use time of battery: under the condition of specific capacity of 580 A/h of lithium battery. Storage battery work discharge current is 116 A, 5 hours continuous discharge, A single battery voltage not less than 1. 7 v; Under the condition of normal use, the battery charge and discharge times the amount was 700 times. 3, a single charging power consumption: refers to the electrical, after a 20% more than in the normal battery recharging is full, charge of electricity consumed. Such as: 60 48 v battery charger, A / 580 A/h battery, A charging process consumes about 30 degrees. 2, daily check and maintenance items 1, the battery is in use process, should keep clean and dry surface, such as have acid to use clear water rinse and wipe dry. Prevent the creepage between battery and earth leakage. Cleaning process, there is no foreign body inside. 2, the battery is in use process, due to volatile and electrolysis of water, electrolyte level decreased, should be checked before each charge level, is insufficient to add pure water ( Shall not be adding acid) 。 Otherwise, due to the liquid level is reduced, the electrolyte density increased, make the battery sulfide and shorten battery life. 3, the battery is in use process, should avoid to over charge and discharge ( The monomer battery voltage drop to 1. Below 70 v) 。 Battery overcharge and over discharge will seriously affect the performance and life of the battery. 4, the battery after use, should be timely charging, charging should be open to add liquid gas cap cover, ensure smooth ventilation. Battery charging with hydrogen separation, it is strictly prohibited to fireworks, to prevent the explosion phenomenon. 5, battery over discharge and charge not in time, in the process of sulfide occur all can make a battery. Results in the decrease of battery discharge capacity and charging accept ability. Serious when use difficult. 6, the battery is in use process, due to the use of frequent or charge is not standard, monomer battery voltage uneven phenomenon may occur ( The electrolyte density uneven) , often should check, found that after an equalizing charge, the right amount of charging, normal use of the battery, also should undertake equalizing charge once a month. Prevent batteries in behind, keep the battery in use at the same good condition. 7, equalizing charge method ( Depending on the type of charger charging method) : A: normal charging the battery, first to be recharged, let stand for 1 hour, then use normal charge the second phase of the charging current to charge, A dramatic bubble until, let stand for 1 hour, so repeated several times. B: normal charging the battery, first to be recharged, let stand for 1 hour, and then continue to charge 10 hours with equalizing charge gear, let stand for 1 hour, so repeated several times. 8, the battery at the end of the normal charge, measuring the electrolyte density should be in 1. 280 - 1. 290 g/cm3, such as the electrolyte density is too high, add pure water adjustment ( Water can't be too full, make the electrolyte with water overflow, reduce the acid content in electrolyte) , such as the electrolyte density is too low, equalizing charge must be conducted several times, such as the electrolyte density is still low, adding suitable amount of preconfigured density is 1. 400g/cm3( 25°C) Dilute acid solution. Add pure water or after adding acid, 2 hours to charge, the electrolyte mixed evenly. Note 1. The battery to keep clean and dry surface. 2. Regularly check the electrolyte level, and maintain its normal height. 3. To avoid the battery in the use of charging and discharging. 4. In normal use, try to keep a balanced charge per month.
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