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Toyota forklift, intelligent logistics leap

by:Vglory      2020-09-07
For the Japanese TOYOTA TOYOTA's TOYOTA forklift industry, in Japan and the world state, its electric forklift configuration for more GSYUASA lithium battery, the battery of this strong traction group, can satisfy the TOYOTA forklift daily work status, especially logistics developing today, TOYOTA and lithium battery forklift, GS battery will be increased in 200 on a 1500 - cycle, universal of up to 1700 times, with TOYOTA forklift in various fields. 'Wisdom logistics' the time has come, in this respect, Europe and the United States has been walking in the forefront. Foreign logistics technology and management has reached a quite high level, at present has formed with information technology as the core, transportation, distribution, loading and unloading handling and automated warehousing logistics pattern such as comprehensive as one of the wise. The use of these intelligence distribution equipment greatly reduce the labor intensity, improve the efficiency of logistics operation, reduce logistics cost, in the whole logistics operation plays an important role. And domestic logistics industry development still lags behind, the logistics costs are much higher than that of Europe and the United States and other developed countries, therefore, for logistics equipment of domestic logistics industry is also put forward higher request, the traditional mechanical logistics necessary to have the wisdom of high-tech logistics equipment development.
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