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Three technological bottleneck power lithium battery development

by:Vglory      2020-10-31
Vehicles development in our country were the key factors for a range, charging speed, safety performance, these three factors are caused power lithium battery technology does not pass, and therefore can be regarded as a power lithium battery three technical bottleneck. A, short range: as the technology matures, lithium batteries as power sources of electric vehicle range from at the beginning of less than 100 kilometers up to about 300 kilometers, the current mainstream of the range of individual models broke through 400 kilometers. But with the current fuel cars there are certain gaps when compared with the mainstream mileage of 500 kilometers. The problem might be solved by string of monomer batteries, but the negative problem is that the size is too big, to increase the car. Second, slow charging: relative to the driving range is short, but slower power lithium batteries is more electric cars development. Under the normal speed, electric vehicle power li-ion battery full need 4 to 8 hours. Now have quick rechargeable lithium battery, can be in 1 ~ 2 hours is full, but its negative effect is great, life will be reduced to 1/3 of the original, and battery performance will decline significantly. Fuel vehicles are not these problems, refueling time not more than five minutes, security and stability can be guaranteed. Three, to improve safety performance: since the lithium ion battery was born, security issues have been plaguing consumers. From mobile phones, laptops, to today's electric cars, safety accidents occur repeatedly. In addition to nissan and tesla's electric cars has yet caught fire report, China's general and byd, the United States and fisker electric car has the spontaneous combustion or a fire incident. The existence of the above three problems, which makes the drawback of the lithium battery for overcoming these three research and development costs, high product also restricted the development of power battery and power battery electric vehicle.
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