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This black piece is responsible for that 100,000

by:Vglory      2020-07-03
Between October 2004 and June 2005 the production line of lithium ion batteries in Japan, Sony introduced production changes and adjustments. A year later, Dell, Apple, HP, Toshiba and Sony itself announced the largest recall operation and battery replacement market. One of the materials used in construction was defective and over 10 million units at risk of overheating and explosion. The battery manufacturing is concentrated in one or two companies that supply to other manufacturers. Almost everybody uses Sony batteries in some of its notebook models. From the massive recall of batteries in 2006, which cost the company several hundred million euros, the situation seemed under control. Until September. Earlier this month Sony had to ask users of over 500,000 Vaio TZ thinkpad x60s battery purchased in 2005 to check the serial numbers of their machines in search of defective units. The notice affected mainly to Japan, where this ultraportable is very popular. Last week the company added to the figure 100,000 new batteries installed in equipment from Dell, HP, Acer and Lenovo. The acer as07a41 batteries are of the same damn series, produced in late 2004 but have been used in more recent machines. The latest recall affects Toshiba and HP machines sold in 2005 but also HP computers summer 2006. Sony's sin is proving very difficult to purge. What is real risk to the user? Most of these 100,000 computers are shared between the U.S. and Europe, but there are few documented cases of explosions and few affected users. In recent years there have been 19 cases of overheating and explosion and only two of them have caused any burns. In 17 cases the high temperatures and apple a1079 components caused small fires and in 10 of these there was any damage to furniture. The risk of explosion arises from the presence of metallic impurities inside the batteries. In some cases, they can pierce the cell walls which house the different elements necessary for chemical reactions that generate energy. The result is a aspire one d255 battery that accelerates the reaction rate exponentially and creates a thermal reaction chain. Overheating can cause cases to a small explosion or melt the plastic that covers the batteries. If the process is slow and the laptop is resting on a body part the user can detect the temperature rise and disconnect the battery, but sometimes the reactions are very fast. Lithium batteries are the source of energy used in virtually all consumer electronic devices for their ability to recharge and autonomy. The manufacturing process is complex and more than 1% of the batteries are defective. In Spain, only Dell-the least affected in this new wave of withdrawals, has issued a warning, and yet it is unknown whether our country has sold any of the affected computers. An adjustment in the manufacturing and defective material are responsible for the 'plague'. The 1% of all lithium ion acer batbl50l6 battery manufactured in the world has problems.
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