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The work process of forklift lithium battery charger

by:Vglory      2020-08-21
Lithium battery forklift must rely on charger supply current, like mobile phones, electric power supply to determine lithium battery working time, an equal amount of containers like water, full of precipitation, will damage to lithium battery forklift, unsaturated, long-term damage to the battery pack is more big, we need to know some basic working process of the charger: close the power switch S, the power indicator LED on, indicating charging circuit power, the power transformer step-down, add to the low voltage electricity through fuse RD2 thyristor SCR anode. At this point if the charger output terminal connected to stay rechargeable lithium battery, the lithium battery residual voltage will give a trigger circuit composed of V1 unijunction transistor power supply, lithium battery positive electrode through the resistor R2 recharge capacitance C, because the capacitance value is very small, in a short time full of electricity, when reached the junction tube conduction voltage, instant unijunction tube conduction, capacitance C quickly through the knot tube of pulse transformer primary side discharge coil, produce a spike, the spike pulse induction to the secondary coil diode V2 to the thyristor SCR control cabinet, make the thyristor turn-on, for lithium batteries. In fact, the capacitance C of charge and discharge cycle, can in the output of the single knot tube to produce a series of spike, through the pulse transformer BT to SCR silicon controlled rectifier control on G, adjust potentiometer RW, charging voltage of the lithium battery can be adjusted at the specified value. When forklift lithium battery charging voltage reaches the prescribed value ( A full charge) After stabilivolt DW was breakdown, which leads to the capacitance C can't charge, so at the ends of the capacitor voltage ( The unijunction transistor emitter voltage) Low, not enough to make the knot tube conduction and make it as, so the knot tube does not produce trigger pulse output end, silicon controlled rectifier because there was no trigger pulse is ended, implements the lithium battery is full of the function of automatic stop.
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