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The use of lithium battery forklift battery, rounding

by:Vglory      2020-09-12
Lithium battery forklift battery can say is the main core power of forklift, how to properly use, there are certain skills and methods, used in the every driver is different, the maintenance method is different also, use fixed number of year there is a certain gap, a 1. 5 tons of electric forklift, the price is about 70000 yuan to 80000 yuan between, lithium-ion battery pack occupied very big one part, so it is very important to the maintenance. Small make up simple said next time, you can reference: 1, selection of lithium battery forklift brand, brand at home and abroad is more, the quality is different, the price deviation is very big, no matter choose imported or domestic forklift battery, quality control are the factory, if reducing the amount of lead that the battery pack within each monomer battery balance, balance does not agree to lower the whole battery life quickly. 2, choose suitable charger, charging machine is too large, too small will lead to forklift battery plate vulcanizing, suggested configuration with equalization charging or charging machine with a desulfurization. 3, the secondary discharge, discharge rating of allowing for a long time, or the current is bigger than the rated output value, and forklift battery plate is loose, off powder, or pierced. 4, adding distilled water, this is the basic common sense, many people mistakenly assume that add additional liquid acid, can increase the battery energy storage capacity, in fact this can lead to high acid. The battery capacity is not for the whole storage. 5, battery surface resistance increases, use dry cloth to wipe clean, avoid the surface too much electricity, current loss, cause the self-discharge more than normal discharge. News from shenzhen
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