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The use of electric motor car storage battery environmental factors

by:Vglory      2020-09-19
Enterprise's development, cannot leave auxiliary electric motor car storage battery, a set of good, quality excellent battery can work more than 5 years of life, with different personnel maintenance, use, its relative decline range, in use to the later period, many users find electric vehicle battery power is insufficient, in fact this is mainly caused by capacity gradually decreases. Led to the decrease of the electric vehicle battery capacity in the process of use for many reasons, mainly in the following aspects: general electric motor car storage battery can reach users outside in time after installation, cause long-term storage, long-term storage is bound to cause self-discharge will cause the shortage of the capacity. In actual situation, the battery production process quality problem, such as the composition of raw material is not stable, plate paste volume, extremely corrosion cracking and seepage discharge between shell and the shell cover, the cover opening and closing is ineffective, etc. , have caused large discreteness, the function is also the main factors of premature failure of the storage battery, electric vehicle battery positive plate is one of the main factors affecting the service life of the battery, especially under the deep cycle with a decrease in the capacity of the positive plate quality deviation are closely related. Positive plate gate on the active material softening, micro on active substances in the holes and there is a big, big hole size more than 0. 5 cm, it is made up of many small holes through them, as the discharge cycle, active surfaces contraction, form the core of coral structure, multiple discharge cycle using holes aggregation, make big hole increases, destroyed the anode structure, leading to loss of active matter. In these situations is the main reason of the electric vehicle battery caused by large current charge and discharge. Avoid should guarantee the charging and discharging current and avoid overcharge or discharge phenomenon, due to the charging of gas can't completely by recombination, thus cause the battery internal pressure increases. When a certain pressure, the relief valve opens, hydrogen and oxygen to escape, and out of the mist, consumes limited electrolyte, resulting in a decline in battery capacity or early failure. To avoid excess gas, valve control for battery charger, current-limiting put forward high precision requirements, while the existing thyristor phase control voltage charger is almost can't do it. According to foreign material, when higher than 25 ℃, every 6 ~ 10 ℃, half shortened battery life. Because of the high temperature will lead to the increase of the floating charge current, which due to the accumulation of charge, so that the battery cycle life shortened. Floating charge also should compensate according to the temperature, pressure is commonly - 2 ~ 4 mV / ℃, and the existing charging machine must have this function. Described above can make decision according to the use of the environment, reduce the running cost of electric motor car storage battery is the key. More electric vehicle battery news: / shownews. asp吗? id = 641 & 风格= 69
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