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The torch 40 - lithium-ion batteries Form a complete set of 5 db500 forklift brand

by:Vglory      2020-08-24
The torch 40 - lithium-ion batteries Only 5 db500, battery monomer: 40, capacity of 500 ah, can form a complete set of JAC JAC battery forklift CPD30, together 3 tons battery forklift, hangzhou forklift LiFu CPD30J, forklift FB30, EP force 3 t forklift, zhejiang beauty coase forklift FB30 import domestic forklift with lithium batteries. Basic supporting more than 80 v battery most in three tons of electric forklift. Torch lithium battery as a famous state-owned military industrial enterprises and do better in traction battery plate market, most of the domestic car manufacturers for the original form a complete set, the quality is very stable. USES a tubular plate production, imports of organ type ring seal, combined with carefully designed air chamber and cooperate flower basket type liquid plug, effectively prevent leakage of acid; Depth discharge after recharge sex is strong, good charging efficiency; A group of tight assembly, low internal resistance, suitable for high current discharge for a long time; Barren solution design, gas recombination efficiency is higher. If you want to ask for all kinds of torch lithium battery size and related drawings, can contact shenzhen power supply co. , LTD.
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