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The relations between the electric vehicle battery capacity and discharge rate

by:Vglory      2020-09-15
Decided to storing energy of electric vehicle battery capacity, the size of the discharge current decision energy itself work time, the greater the capacity, the longer you work, the greater the discharge current, then use short time nature, the electric car battery to 5 hr as a general discharge benchmark, 5 hour rate is gb, the United States and Europe standard, in Japan, South Korea and other southeast Asian countries sometimes to 6 hours rate as nominal, the label is displayed in the electric vehicle battery capacity is increased, the plate of the discharge current is relatively lower, at present the most will be subject to 5 hours. Battery capacity refers to the storage capacity of the battery. It was based on the sufficient electric battery, discharge to the provisions of the termination voltage of electricity. Standard YD/T799 - 2002 rules 2 v, 6 v, 12 v sealed battery have been rated capacity for standard temperature ( 25℃) Discharge rate (10 hours 我= 0。 1 c10a) The capacity. It is pointed out in the standard 6 v, 12 v battery capacity to lOh discharge rate as a benchmark. The capacity of the battery discharge decrease with the increase of discharge current. High discharge process is mandatory changes in the active substance on the surface of the plate, the generated lead sulfate is easy to plug holes on the plate, the plate deep effective material will participate in chemical reactions. So the battery internal resistance increases, the voltage drop quickly, make a battery cannot give full capacity. Affected by the capacity of environment temperature on the battery, lower capacity decreases in the temperature of the environment. The variation of battery capacity in 1 ℃ environment temperature changes called temperature coefficient of capacity. According to national standards, such as environmental temperature is 25 'C, the actual capacity according to the following formula must be converted to 25. C reference temperature when the actual capacity of Ce, its value should conform to the standard. Discharge rate and the relationship between the termination voltage: when the battery discharge voltage cannot under termination voltage, otherwise it will damage the battery life.
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