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The product application of explosion-proof lithium batteries

by:Vglory      2020-08-20
Explosion-proof lithium battery all the unconscious is first to prevent explosion, there is no imagination in so afraid, now many places have applications, such as gas, coal, flammable gas, paint companies such as general requirements explosion-proof lithium-ion batteries, we are the most common type of lithium battery forklift, this for ordinary enterprises is more, just iron box adopts hardness material manufacturing, a more than ordinary forklift lithium battery on the lid, the general electric forklift battery is don't need to add iron box cover, splicing device also USES explosion-proof ring connect way, avoid contact with bad produce sparks, anyway all the battery to prevent fire, explosion-proof hoist lithium-ion batteries have many different models, such as: there are used for roadway floor is poor, can quickly delivery and transport some DX27 type, TXD - lightweight materials 25 explosion-proof type monorail crane, lithium-ion batteries are used for the long distance, the faster the roadway drivage of TXD - transport 7 type explosion-proof hoist lithium-ion batteries, as well as for large fully mechanized coal face, transporter weight of large mechanical equipment DXP40, DX6 and DX80 type explosion-proof hoist lithium-ion batteries. Here the XTD - are mainly introduced 7, TXD - 25, DXP40 three explosion-proof hoist lithium-ion batteries. XTD - 7 and TXD - Working principle of 25 type explosion-proof hoist lithium-ion batteries: with special type explosion-proof lithium battery as the power source, through the dc motor, the transfer case, rocker driving wheel rotates to achieve walking, driven by hydraulic system pressure wheel and brake of locomotive. DXP40 explosion-proof type monorail crane working principle of lithium-ion batteries: powered by lithium battery power supply, lithium battery by the electric cabinet inside the inverter, the dc inverter into three-phase alternating current (ac), traction motor and oil pump motor. Traction motor power by the friction reducer to drive wheel, the driving force, friction driving wheels and the crane rail friction traction locomotive to move forward. At the same time also has the energy regenerative braking function. Locomotive downhill, the gravitational potential energy to drive motor power, reverse lithium battery, electrical power feedback; Do more rapidly in our country at present and explosion-proof lithium batteries, torches, explosion-proof battery, belong to the forklift initiation of products on the lithium battery production enterprises, based on the traction battery research and development. More lithium battery forklift news: newshow. asp吗? nid=692& lid=83
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