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The problems resulting from lithium battery forklift depth of discharge

by:Vglory      2020-09-12
Electric lift trucks in the lithium battery is used to discharge, the main purpose of the vehicle's cargo cargo quantity output current size, in the case of the rated power, suggest don't exceed the limitation of its own, although is the depth of discharge can be directly related to the life, but if control good, this kind of situation can be avoided. Electric forklift manufacturers at home and abroad in the vehicle factory all have on the instrument data identification, discharge to 80%, vehicle alarm response, but a lot of users, in order to complete the day's load task, regardless of the battery case, directly use the car can't start, such mistake, late greatly accelerates the curing time. As enterprise management, should be in forklift truck clearly the location of the logo is clear, make people pay attention to the importance of lithium battery forklift.
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