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The power conversion of forklift batteries

by:Vglory      2020-09-13
Forklift battery is according to the current of motor vehicle power output constant work time, with the battery forklift, power output, then the forklift work time, power consumption has very big disparity, such as: a set of 2. 5 tons of forklift, configuration is 9 pzs630, 48 v630ah traction forklift battery, battery, the total power calculation method for: voltage 48, the capacity is 630, so is the total power: 30240 w, if a forklift motor is 5 kw, with 5 kw power discharge can work 6 hours, referring to the capacity of 630 ah, 630/5 of the national standard is 5 hr discharge = 126 a current output, working time is 5 hours. Many users factory forklift, not a purchase with the forklift battery, but use time is far, the actual current than we can check the forklift battery, so that we can find out the problem. Belongs to one of the lead acid battery forklift battery, its working principle is convert chemical energy into electricity. Its role is to put the limited energy storage and use in the right place. Good luck in this prosperous forklift truck leasing to remind everyone's attention: the battery cannot be placed horizontally! Because inside the battery is 22 ~ 28% of dilute sulphuric acid, the battery is put electrolyte can drown plate and left a little space, if a battery laid-down plate exposed to air, there will be a part of the electricity to the battery plate is very adverse. Battery forklift use dc series motor is more, its mechanical properties can meet the work of low speed high torque requirements of forklift. In addition to this, other advantages are: battery forklift manipulation is simple, easy maintenance, running smoothly with no noise, no exhaust gas, don't pollute the air, lower operating costs, the use fixed number of year of the vehicle is longer than the other. Defect is: need charging and charging equipment, charging time is longer, the pavement demand is high, as a result of the limitation of the lithium battery capacity, the motor power is small, low grade ability, run the internal-combustion forklift slowly and basic investment is high, the weight is small, the difference between battery forklift and internal-combustion forklift, in addition to the power plant, walking and driving mechanism and its controlling device is also different, but the forklift truck working device and hydraulic system, steering, brake, drive axle and steering axle is the same or similar to one another, to sum up, control the actual power forklift motor, for forklift battery life can be continued. More news please focus on:
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