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The power consumption of the forklift lithium batteries

by:Vglory      2020-09-12
As is known to all, forklift battery if you want to use, must charge, so in a set of lithium battery in normal allowance 20% saturated require electricity charges to how many degrees? For imported and domestic traction battery forklift whether there is any deviation in charge or power consumption of different? Because the cost of how much power is related to the use of forklift truck, a car with electric forklift charge really need how many KWH, the forklift brand in economical analysis is given of the data are not unified, and even some of the gap is very wide, find out a standard for forklift truck industry, as the data, consulting with several forklift battery production enterprises and forklift chargers production technology expert has carried on the detailed understanding and analysis, at present a lot of forklift brand in the computation of lead-acid batteries, lithium electric and diesel forklifts in the use of cost from the output of the charger, consult a few charger manufacturers, they think that the charging time is a questionable, because usually the charging time of around 10 hours, but in the output curve of this time is different, each brand charger to grab the abilities of the battery charging curve, so the efficiency is different, or suggest that measure the battery capacity calculation, this probably charging power consumption can be concluded by calculating formula: power unit, Q) (= after charging voltage V) X 80% / Ann hours AhX battery discharge battery charging efficiency 85% 120% / 1000 X rechargeable overcharge coefficient; Such as: a set of drawing lithium battery forklift, models: 9 pzs630, 48 v630ah, Q = VX1. 15 xahx0。 8/0. 85年x1。 2/1000; Apply the formula to calculate: 48 vx1. 15 x630ahx0。 8/0. 85年x1。 2/1000 = 39. 2764KWh( C) The power consumption, the lithium battery forklift is theoretical data, the charger circuit aging, use fixed number of year of lithium-ion batteries could increase input current, power consumption relatively larger at this time.
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